Good landing vs. Bad landing

I hear a lot about landing wrong on the unicycle and I get the feeling I fall into that category. What exactly is a good way to land? I don’t want to destroy my rim.


This video is nothing impressive. I have only been riding for 3 months. But it will give you an idea of my landings.

I do notice that your knees look pretty stiff when you drop and you’re bouncing back up a little. When performing larger drops, one thing I would suggest doing is a slight 90 degree rotation and riding out of them. Another thing you could try is practicing seat-in-front jumps/drops. This will allow your body to move more in order to absorb the impact of a drop.

i agree. i always try to land facing the direction in am going so i can ride it out easily.

and congrats on your accomplishments after only 3 months. much more than i could do at that time.