Good Karma

So I went to the Terry Fox Run today on my Uni. It took 46 mins, and an average speed of 13Kph (26x2.6…I forgot to inflate for asphalt :() I was pretty tired, I was trying to keep as fast as I could go. I got a really good cardio workout, that’s for sure!

Before the run, I was hopping around on curbs, ect, just playing to the watchful eyes of the other runners.

The radio announcer called me over and said he was the head of a performer/entertainer company that goes out to parties, and different occasions, and asked if he could hire me out sometime!

Certainly I said, however, now I need to practice my trials skills, as I doubt many barmitzva’s have a MUni course in the yard.

Any tips on some portable things I can start training on? (I won’t be taking up juggling, BTW)


Uni spins, Suicides, Jumprope…
-David kaplan