Good Idea ( resources)

As seldom as the wheel has to be taken off, it sure is a pain in the but that I’d rather not deal with…check out this:

A quick release bearing holder. (better diagram…no Salvador Dali though)


I lost it in the ‘preview post’ that feature sucks!

qrbearing holder.gif

hey Brian,
i’ve thought of this, but for the amount of times that i personnally remove my wheel, there isn’t much point, and if i falt out on the trail all i need to have with me is a 10mm wrench, but ya, if you get one working, that would be pretty cool :smiley:


You know, I saw in Wal-Mart once an inner tube that was straight, the thought being that the rider would lace the tube around the rim and butt the two ends together without having to remove the wheel from the frame (bike, uni, or otherwise). I meant to buy some of the straight tubes but didn’t. Now I don’t see them anymore.

Is there any reason that an inner tube has to be a ring? Wouldn’t a straight tube work just as effectively when constrained within the tire?


It’s cos in practice these tubes always had a bump where they linked together and you ended up with an eccentric tyre.


But I don’t think there’s any way round it… the server has no idea where the file is on your hard drive, so it can’t fill in the box when showing you the preview. Just one of those things…

Phil, just me