good Giraffe threads (reviews)

im thinking about buying a giraffe but i want to read about them all before i buy.does anyone have some good links to threads that contain reviews of various giraffe’s.

i tried the search but i could only look though 100 of the thousand plus threads that contain the word giraffe.

what is the general thought about a Miyata giraffe.? is it worth the $395 and what makes a Sem worth $450.? what makes a Savage only $149.?

what i really want is the full sized arcade game of Robotron.

I guess I should have added some comments about the actual giraffe I just bought instead of just the riding experience. I don’t know what brand it is, but there is a photo in my thread and there’ll be more when the gallery’s back up. Here we go…

Top - I actually don’t mind the Viscount. Sure, the Velo is extremely comfortable and gives you lots more control, as I discovered yesterday, but the Viscount’s not bad. The bumpers seem much stronger on this one than my other Viscount. It’s got a nice long seatpost which comes in handy and a good quality quick release seatpost clamp. The seatpost tightens up well and doesn’t slip around at all.

Middle - The ‘bottom bracket’, or probably more appropriately the middle bracket :), was very loose when I got it (second hand). I tightened it up and no damage had been done. The upper chainring seems to be permanently connected to the right crank so changing to a different gear ratio will mean getting that whole part, but that’d okay. There’s very little play in the chain.

Bottom - The tyre can be inflated to 55psi and rolls really nicely on the cement. The chain tensioners seem strong enough, but I think I’ll replace them with really strong ones just to be sure before doing any real hopping. Finally, the giraffe in general seems really strong and well built. The frame looks especially nice and strong.

Were you thinking of getting a 5’ or 6’ (or 8’)? Any questions?


Andrew’s Example is really true, But here’s my other opinion.

1: The Semcycle 5-6’ Giraffe Unicycle (20’ Wheel for 5 foot Riding and the 24’ Wheel is for 6 foot riding) is really strong and comes apart for easy transport to put it in the boot (Trunk U.S.) of a car. Even the Small Hatchback Like a Toyota Echo or a Ford KA. Mind you I know my cars at the back of my head. The beauty of the Semcycle is, Is really Strong and durable. Like Andrew’s Giraffe Uni, It rides very smoothly on Concrete. When I tried my Originally first Semcycle before I found some Welding Faults, it rides very smoothly on the road. (Bitumen) The basketball floors should do the same. Andrew Should tried that one out one day.

2: The Savage Giraffe Unicycle should have no Problems, but AVOID THAT SAVAGE SADDLE AT $149 from Get a United Saddle or a Viscount Saddle. Like Andrew’s, I love my Viscount Saddle and I had no problems with it. And yes it has got strong Bumpers. It took a beating too and I had no problems with it. One thing to do is to put some Loctite on the nuts to prevent it from Slipping and there you have it.

3: The Miyata Giraffe Unicycle should last you a life time and Many Circuses Unicyclist go for it. Many preferred the Semcycle for 6 foot riding. 7.5’, 8’, 10’ Footers be for Custom made orders.

My recommendation is Semcycle and a Miyata. Savage will be a great first timer Giraffe Unicycle. Don’t forget there’s Other brand names about than the one’s I’ve mention Jagur so good luck and keep us posted Mate.