GOOD Garage/yard sale and WTB. free stuff too!

For Sale:
Pretty inexpensive… and some for free!

KH Moment Hub $40
KH 137mm isis moment cranks $50
KH 150mm isis moment cranks $50
KH 24 Rim 2007 with free used duro tire. $30
super strong undrilled Alex DX Rim $20
New Try-all tire “sticky”. I have used it for two days of unicycling. $30
Practically New Luna Tire. maybe 4 rides or less? $20
24cm titanium spokes $30. bought em for $200 but I am very hard on unicycles now and cannot used Ti spokes anymore. These spokes were on a 24inch moment hub with kh 24 inch rim. four cross pattern. or you can cut them down for a trials rim or a three cross pattern for a KH24. They need a better home. I even broke a thomson post somehow. :thinking:

Worn out Luna $7 or free with any other purchase
worn out Try-all $7 or free with any other purchase
worn out creepy crawler $7 or free with any other purchase
set of 14 gauge aluminum nipples $10 or free with any other purchase
Older Echo “Supa Trial” but really good tread. $15 or free with purchase of alex dx rim.
worn out duro tire $7 or free with any purchase.

I want to buy or trade:
newish or New maxxis creepy crawler tire
Onza Tensile Cranks
I am looking for a Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost too.
a few sets of pedals with pins. the right side is all I need actually. I get too crazy with the pedal grabs!
13gauge Koxx spokes or KH spokes preferably KH. Standard length.
Nimbus Rim

Heres my video

Trade Odyssey Cielenki pedals w/ extra pins for the Luna
The Odysseys + Snafu for the Tryall
Only Snafu for both worn tires

I am not 100% sure on this trade yet.

Edit: if intrested i will get pics.

What kind of condition are the components in??
I may be interested in:
•moment hub
•dx rim
•try-all sticky
•old echo tire
•worn out cc

•137’s- they are indestructable, but standard scratches of course…
•dx rim- my buddy painted it red. I think it would look the coolest ever if you used fine sandpaper and polished all the paint off. Nice clean aluminum look. Not bent at all, used by a newbie. his sidehop was a curb and weighed about 130pounds. he used it with square taper hub. after he quit unicycling, I adopted the abandoned wheel and threw away the square taper hub, cranks and spokes.
•try-all sticky. I have only used it for two rides. so its perfect.
•old echo tire. good knobbies, but its old and sitting around for a few years.
•worn out cc - its all worn out. ready to be shaved or rode by somebody that just likes worn out tires. its my old creepy crawler and I am looking for a new one. I would not recomend this tire to anybody that wants a good knobby tire or is riding it on dirt. I bet it would slip around on muni trails.

Is it a built or unbuilt wheelset? Might be interested if it’s built. Also, pics of tryall please.

Can you post pics of the try all?

I can email pics to anybody that wants a picture of anything. just give me your email and what you want a picture of and I will try to get the picture to you as soon as possible.
Maybe after I email to ya, if you could post it on here? That would be totally cool, cause I am not familiar with that sort of thing.

I believe I would be interested in the KH moment hub, if it is not already spoken for.

Pics would be great. If not posted in the thread,

If available, I can pay immediately through paypal or whatever method you’d like.

Your going to cal muni weekend right, I’ll trade you my creeper crawler for your 150 moments, and then of course pay the difference. I rode it for a couple months, but it still has almost brand new tread. Then we can just trade at cal muni weekend so we don’t have to deal with shipping.

pm’d hub/150’s

If I could even just get the hub it would be great. I might be interested in the 137’s if the 150’s are sold.



ok, I going to be busy till tomorrow.
I am going to start taking pictures etc. tomorrow too.
just give me your email and what pictures you want.

yeah i’m really in to the 137 but i would like to see a picture

Hey Joe, I would like to buy both the new try-all and the worn out try all tires from you if you haven’t sold them yet. my email address is or you could just pm me. Kevin


He sent me pics. Here they are, for those that didn’t get them:












I will take em if they aren’t sold.

i might take the two try all tires. If i buy the new one for $30 do i get the second one free?

Is this stuff sold?

I am assuming that since I haven’t heard anything back from you either through pm, or email, that this stuff is gone.

Could you confirm?


here is whats left over now.
titanium spokes, killer deal
duro tire
new luna
echo tire
alex dx rim

nothing left now. all has been sold. thread closed.