Good editing program..

I have that and it’s awesome!

i’m using sony vegas 7.0 for the editing, once i finished the editing, i export the vieo with the uncompressed template, then i deinterlace and compress the video with virtual dub
this is the method which give me the best results with video camera i got

I used to use Premiere, but I haven’t touched it since V6… I’ve heard that Premiere Elements is decent, and I believe it’s ~$100

Like bobousse I’m a Sony Vegas user, though I’m using the latest version (9.0).

I’ve used Vegas, Premiere, Avid and Final Cut and I always find myself coming back to Vegas. It has all the features I need and lets me edit quickly without the program getting in the way of what I’m trying to do. Of course I’ve used Windows Movie Maker and iMovie as well but they simply do not compare to the other options.

EDIT: I didn’t actually read the original post. Obviously Vegas isn’t free, sorry thats no help.

Its not out yet, but the people who made the popular VLC media player program are now also working on a video editing suite: and I’m willing to bet it will be one of the best free video editing programs out there.

I forgot the VLC crew were doing that! Sweet! Maybe I’ll finally have a decent editor in Linux! :smiley:

windows movie maker for the win

I got sony Vegas 8 from my friend the other day, its great! so much easier than adobe premier pro (what i had before) and hugely better than windows movie maker.

The only bad thing I’ve ever heard about Vegas is that fewer people use it than Final Cut, so it’s harder to find help online. I’ve never actually tried it meself.