Good Eats with Alton Brown

My wife is a avid “Good Eats” with Alton Brown fan and recorded a portion of the show for me tonight. He was idling on a unicycle in one of the segments about making wonton.

He used the Unicycle to make the point that the Chinese try to achieve balance in all things, ying yang culinary and otherwise…

He is also from Atlanta, wonder if he would be interested in joining the Atlanta Unicycle Club.:smiley:

Shure wouldn’t mind knowing a good chef/food scientist. Well another one anyway.

Looks like he is idling for about 2 minutes while holding a platter and discussing cooking.

Dude that is awomse is there anyway that can in some way get to the computer becuase i love good eats, one of my favorite shows accually


alton Brown’s show good eats is Actually my favorite cooking show. I watch it on a regular basis and enjoy not only the cooking but Alton’s style.

I’ll try to catch the episode tonight if it is on.

Having a Chemistry degree and being married to a Chemist who works in food manufacturing his style is very appealing. He gets all scientific on his shows.:smiley:

Alton Brown is on the tail end of a book tour right now. He’s actually in Seattle right now. He’ll be at the Issaquah Costco today at 6:00 PM doing a book signing. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Costco membership.

Anyways, here’s his book tour schedule: Alton on the road again. He’ll be in San Francisco tomorrow for two days, then LA, then Austin, then New Orleans.

Someone is going to have to one of his book signings and ask him if he really can ride a unicycle. A candid shot of him on a unicycle would be quite cool.

man i did not know that this many people watch that show and i have met him and got a picture whith him he is so cool

i love you alton b

in a non-gay way

I dunno if he can uni, I remember that episode, and it would have been easy to have someone holding him up (if i recall, when you see both his hands you don’t see his shoulders, and when you see his shoulders you don’t see his right hand… But if he can circus idle whilst talking cooking… sweet!)
Unless I’m remembering a different episode.
That show rocks. :smiley:

I love Alton. Best show on Food Network.