good deals for muni and trials riders

go to for cheaper parts and unis. i haven’t verified this for everything, but most things are cheaper from here than . even with shipping the kris holm 29er is $491.74 to my doorstep from germany. while udc price without shipping is $530, with shipping it is bumped up to $547.13. though mdc doesn’t have everything most muni/trials stuff can be found here for less.

where do you live? I’m assuming US. I thought was in german :thinking:

They are, and the 29" is the 2005 model, I think is all sold out on it, still has some, it’s a brilliant uni btw, rode it once and it was nice and light compared to my fat 24".
About shipping: I order all my stuff from germany (there’s no decent shop in holland) and it’s always there within 1 or 2 days, and getting things shipped IN holland is usually more expensive than what Roland charges for shipping costs.
Getting new package toodaaaaaay!! Waiting for the DPD van now…