good deal on sixsixone pads

There is a pretty good deal on SIX SIX ONE pads at Sierra Trading Post:
leg pads $28

Leg armor with plastic knee and shin protectors $39

Arm pads $18

With apologies to John Drummond

John Hooten

do these pads have the mesh back to them that actually work to prevent pin lacerations?

they look very similar to roach. are these made by roach like the nuke proofs?

Those are great pads, and IMHO, far superior to Roach. They last a lot longer and customer service, in my experience, is far better. I have long ago given up on getting my Roach legs back after they shredded (literally) in a few months. The Roach pads use inferior materials and sewing patterns, so that at fabric boundaries the stitches pull off the end of the fabric.

I wear 661s almost every day and they last and last with minor repairs.

The back of the leg is nice and tough for pedal pins, but not overly clammy.

My two cents.

does anyone know how the size system in the leg and arm pads work? i live in venezuela, and dont have the option to try them and return them if they dont fit, im still waiting for the kris holms, but would like to know so that i am informed when the release date finally comes

there should be two numbers- one is circumference of top and the other is circumference of the bottom
so, measure the distance around the leg above the knee and again above the ankle

isn`t the length of my leg(from ankle to knee) important for leg armour? i thought this was a major factor

you would think that length would be a factor but its not. I am tall so the armor does not go down to my ankle, but stops a couple inches above it. Check the sizing chart at the sixsixone website to find the best fit. It is probably not a big deal if you get the wrong size- each size is pretty similar so they all would most likely fit.


for people in the uk look at
full set £34
arm £20

This may sound like a stupid question, but what is the difference in terms of protection between the regular 661’s and the ones with the plastic knee and shin protectors? How much protection does one need while unicycling?

the shells give better protection while the non shell pads give better movement. the non shell pads have some type of thick material within the pad, maybe rubber. I use the non shells and they have served me fine- they protect against falls on rocks and roots and other hard objects- they even protect against sharp pedals!

Better deal @

2x4 Arm Armor - $17

4x4 Leg Armor - $20

Plus Jenson doesn’t screw you on shipping price

There seems to be more than one kind of 661 pad with the plastic outsides. Here’s a review I wrote of one of them:

I don’t necessarily agree that the plastic kind restricts movement more.