good day of learning tricks

since I got my new unicycle with a flat top crown I thought I would learn some tricks. I have been unicycling for about 3 to 4 months now but haven’t really did any tricks. today I tried 1ft rideing got it in two minutes. I also tried to wheel walk. the only problem I have with them is i lean to far forwards. I am learning them by just mounting and going. I got 4 to 5 scuffs in and thought it was ok for only being out there for like less then 5 minutes. I am happy and I am now going to start learning alot more tricks

Which new Uni do you have now? And congrats on the new trickage!

When you one foot ride, do you have your non-pedaling foot in front of the uni or do you have on top of the fork. I’ve seen both done.

i got a torker lx becuse I needed a new unicycle because my one my dad got me off of e-bay was crappy and had a round crown. I also put my foot on the top of the fork

I may be taking your terminoligy rongly but in the words that some guy said to me (I think it was Kington99)

worked great for me and now i can ww around my block