good day at a skatepark

i went to a skatepark today that i’d never been to and did a couple of nice(in my opinion)/new tricks, i dropped in on a quarter pipe, did a pedal grind on a low rail with a small slant in the middle, and did a pedal grind on a slanted rail on top of a pyramid.

anyone else have any good (or bad) skatepark stories

i’ve still never unicycled at a skatepark… i want to soooo bad…

I went on a skate park on holiday. I was greeted by a cheer when i rode down the long flight of steps on the way in, and then this guy filmed me dropping into a quarter pipe, for their skating video.

Everyone was really interested in unicycling, and some kept asking where to get one.

I’m gonna have to see if we’re allowed to ride there first, and look into getting padding then, so the fun doesn’t end too fast : )


Skate parks ared a bit annoying, or at least the one near me is, because it has not much other than vert ramps, which are pretty near impossible on a uni, except maybe to drop in down. Also, the skatepark here seems to be the major hangout for the potheads & various other malcontents. I don’t mind this, because it clears them out of everywhere else.

Yes I go to alot of skateparks. They’re fun. I’m being kinda lazy right now so i’m not going to go into detail about my skatepark experiances.

Skateparks are my favorite training areas for getting conroll down. Unfortunately I have to go in the morning (like 8am-12) because if I go in the afternoon I get hassled and am unable to ride. As for a story, well I guess this kinda qualifies. I went to a downtown skatepark(not my usual one) because I wanted to ride in the pool, and because they have a really nice pyramid that I like. Well as soon as I got there I knew I was gonna get hassled(or worse have to run like a madman) because there were a bunch of retarded like 13 year olds smoking and drinking beer and whatnot and eyeing me like I was Pam Anderson(not in the same way but still). I waited till most everyone was taking a break and then went for the funbox, well I guess our retarded little friends think its a good Idea to bring their own funbox and slap it right in the middle of the skatepark, and not share. I didn’t even think anyone really owned it so Instead of just hopping up and riding the little spine I hooped off and landed on the box, rode off, nice and smooth. I ride back to my bench and about 2 seconds later a like 8 year old(a younger brother of the retards) comes up to me and starts cussing me out about thebox like he is 8 feet tall. I non-chalantly say sorry and decide that retardds will be reatrds and leave, But there is a Happy Ending… While I was riding through the nearby park, I found a little exersize deally( like with pullup bars and junk) Wich was sweet because i could work on my hops onto poles and stuff and actually improved my side hop quite a bit…



Oh yah made by meyself.
Now whats the moral of this story… Steer clear of drunken prepubecent retards and the world will be so much finer.

Funny thing–
Yesterday, I took my two kids to the skatepark downtown off the west side highway (New Yorkers will know it), my two kids are 13 and 11, and they wanted to try a few things on their rollerblades. We all rode down there, them on their blades, me on my uni.

I get there (and quite honestly, I was not going to go into the skatepark–I’m still getting into just riding around for now) – we arrive at the gates of the skatepark and the first thing the guard says is “Hey! Hey You! No Unicycles!”

I laughed to myself, wondering how often he says that each day–I had the feeling that this was not the first time he ran into someone with a unicycle…what was crummy was the way he just barked it out, like there were armies of unicyclists tearing apart the gates just to get in. I laughed–too bad for him, the skatepark definetly could have used a few unicyclists to make it a bit more interesting for everyone.