good components for street uni?

i don’t know what good parts should go on a street rig, so it would be nice if you could give me the low down. this is what i was thinking…

1.)kh trials wheel (only cause of the price)
2.)primo super tenderizer pedals with kommando grind plates
3.)thomson 29.0 seatpost
4.)kris holm miyata/torker lx bracket
5.)torker lx airseat with gemcrest vinyl cover

What frame are you going to use with a seat tube ID of 29mm?

Also, don’t buy kommando grindplates. You can make them in your house in 5 minutes for like a dollar each. For any pedal.

it will be another custom frame, so that fixes the seatpost deal. and whats wrong with the kommando grindplates?

nothing’s wrong with the kommando grind plates especially if you’re lazy and lack the talent required for building grind plates of your own like me.

I wouldnt go with the primo and the grind plate I would ride plastic for sure if I was you. Also I would get some Qu-ax 127mm cranks for your kh that. is what I get if I had the money.

Yeah the quacks are prolly better bc theyre as strong but short so you go faster, which is good for street type things. The commandos are really really easy to make. You just need a saw and a drill, and some lexan. If you arent lazy ill tell ya how ta make em, but i dont feelmlike it if youre not gonna.

Wow. Something happened during the course of this post. any guesses?

no i cant guess…