good buy?

Ok, my old Schwinn 20 inch has worn out and I still haven’t decided what to get. I haven’t unicycled for nearly 2 months now and I am starting to go crazy about this unicycle deprivation. Anyhow I am wondering if this 24 inch Yuni would be a good buy?. I saw that it has a Sun rim and from what I’ve read about Sun, I don’t want one. Should I still get this? It is about the price I am willing to spend and I do want a 24 inch.

here is the link:

I think you are thinking about the wrong Sun. The Sun brand of UNICYCLE makes cheap learners not made to take much abuse. The Sun that makes RIMS, such as the one on the Yuni, makes very good rims.

That said, this particular unicycle comes with a single walled sun rim. It should be fine for road riding, but it might not stand up well to abuse. I might be wrong, as I have no experience with this rim.

In my opinion, you would be better off getting this unicycle:

It’s slightly more expensive, but it should be a lot tougher. If you are planning to only ride it on the road, simply swap out the tire for something a little slicker. There are plenty of cheap slick tires now.

I would say to go with a torker lx. it’s cheaper, and may be better. Or, if you DO plan on trying riding off-road, the nimbus posted by daino is a GREAT choice for beginner MUni (mountain unicycling).

You can get the torker on ebay for cheap, since it’s sold out on Other options for places to buy it would be:

Local bike shop: bike shops sometimes carry torkers. mine does.
online bike shop: ditto for this.
somewhere else: there are plenty of ways to get a torker.

That looks fine for general riding, though you can do better on the seat. Some people find the Viscount just fine, but I do not. It’s most similar in shape to the Schwinn seat, of course, as the design was commissioned by them. You can always change out the seat later.

Don’t worry about a Sun rim. Sun actually makes rims. They’don’t make bicycles. Those are just inexpensive import jobs. They have the lowest prices because they use the lowest-end components.

If you intend to ride some trails or do other more abusive stuff, you might want to aim a little higher but that one should be just fine otherwise.

The Sun rim on that unicycle is not the same Sun that makes the Sun unicycles. The rim is made by Sun Ringle. They make quality bike stuff. Here’s their page with the AT18 rim that’s on that unicycle.

For $26 less,you could get Torker DX .
Look around for the 2005 model,too.

i agree i got this uni yesterday and everthing looks and feels so solid. I would get it before the Yuni

Pros (of dx)
splined hub and cranks
awesome saddle (kh style) i looked at the bottom of my new saddle yesterday and it actually says velo on it.
the 05 model has clearance for a 3" tire… or so ive heard

the ten spline hub makes finding replacement cranks hard
its 48 spoke which adds weigt but also strenght
its a 48 spoke which makes it hard to find a replacement rim
(most rims are drilled 36 spokes)

but anyway the good outweighs the bad

i would buy the dx as forrestunifreak recommends