Good Buy?

I saw a 36 inch Kris Holms commuter on sale for $695.00. This seems like a steal, as its brand new. Is the Kris Holms better than the Coker? Should i grab it?

It is a nice unicycle.

They may be clearing out inventory before they release a new and improved model within the next month. You have to decide if you care. The current model is very nice, and $695 is a great price.


Thanks, will it handle some moderate trails?

man, I would certainly buy one at that price - is it an online resource?


It’s UDC

It is on UDC

Kris Holm. Skip the ‘s’. See? :slight_smile: And I would say go for it!

Yes the Kris Holm is lighter and stronger than the coker. It will easily handle trails.

Thanks for all the quick responses. Sadly, I discovered I don’t have the resources right now:(

Well if something new is coming out, you might see some used KH’s go on the market soon.