good biketrials street vid


Check this out - Danny Macaskill:

One of the best street biketrials vids I’ve seen.


damm… thats amazing !!! :astonished:
really one of the best i’ve ever seen !!! :):slight_smile:

i haven´t seen much of these videos, but this is really amazing!!!

I wish I could do that!

you’re not the only one :roll_eyes:

half of that video was… thats possible, i guess…? … thats super insane talk about advancing a sport w/ style points.

now who’s going to do it on a uni?

I :slight_smile:

That was ridiculously cool. I stick to my uni though… I don’t understand how bike trials works and i would wrap myself around the frame all the time probably.

So smooth, so nice… I like it

nerd lol!

but that was some pretty intense stuff right there.

insane…about the only word that describes it.

yeah really amazing vid :astonished:

yea, someone has linked that before, its pretty crazy

there are no words to describe that… perhaps if i create a word… fantastamazing. I am going to start riding uni trials like that!


Can you imagine how awesome unicycling would look if it had the speed, style, and flow of that rider in it.

killer vid! insanely awesome!

I’ve ridden with Danny Macaskill, was surprised to see his vid on these forums.

He is a great rider, has a great attitude above anything else. He enjoys riding and even when he doesn’t land things, he has a smile on his face, it’s infectious.

That was insane! Never seen bike trials done like that.