Good Bad and Ugly

See attached photo -

Good : Me of course
Bad : My right shin
Ugly : It’s obvious

This afternoon I took the “ugly one” for a ride on my favorite trail. The trail is a series of short but very steep climbs and goes as far as I have time or energy. This was my first real MUni ride on that hideous frame.

I made it to my usual first resting spot where the trail makes it’s first of many creek crossings accross wooden foot bridges. I was waiting for my heart rate to slow to a less than fatal rate when a nice lady coming down the trail on a Cannondale crossed the bridge and said “Hi - have a nice ride”.

She rode past me but 15 feet down the trail came to an abrupt stop, turned around and said “For hell sakes - YOU’RE ON A UNICYCLE! I’ll bet THAT makes this trail technical!”. Then in the next breath said “That’s the ugliest damn unicycle I’ve ever seen”*

I continued up the trail to my next usual resting spot right before another creek crossing. Again, I wait for the light at the end of the dark tunnel to fade away as my heart rate comes down. I stood there and visualized me crossing the bridge, making the short but steep and rocky climb to another bridge, crossing the creek and finally climbing the last 20 foot long 70 percent grade to the top. This time I came to within one pedal stroke of making it. What a heart breaker - but I’ll get it!

This ride will be my last on the ugly unicycle. I’m done with my sense of style being insulted. I’m tired of the terrified looks. I don’t want to try avoiding people anymore. In short, I’m weary of the shame of the ugly unicycle. I’ve ridden it and it didn’t break so now it’s time for it to go to it’s new home.

Steve Howard

*The nice lady on the Cannondale really didn’t say that the unicycle was ugly but I’ll bet she thought it.

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The unicycle looks great. Distance and poor resolution work wonders. Which part is your shin? The Cutlass looks fantastic.

Re: Good Bad and Ugly

I think that YOU are the only one who thinks that your uni is ugly!


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Re: Re: Good Bad and Ugly

I think it’s hideous.

I sure would like to be able to design my own, from whatever material I find lying around, THAT part is worthy of praise.

The finished unicycle, to me however, is Uhhh–gly!

Having said that, there is a certain charm to it that I find mesmerising

Paint it black and dress in biker clothes. you will look tough. Watch out, I find your uni most beautiful. I lust for it! carjug

Please toss it in the back seat of that ugly Cutlass and ship both to me. I will spare the world from having to view them by hoarding to myself in a remote NW corner of the country. :smiley:

Delightfull mashine!!!

The uni is grat. Can you explain to me the reason for elevation of the front of the saddle?.Please. :thinking:

The more pictures I see, the uglier that thing gets.

Damn that’s a pimp ride. Does it spray oil or drop caltrops? I bet it only has a tachometer. Dangerious car to have durring a mid-life crisis.


You wouldn’t be caught dead riding it, would you?:wink:

Hey Steve…

I think your MUni is cool!

I think it would look cool if you lit it up from inside somehow. I know you can get LEDs on wires with a batter pack, which you can wire into your helmet… They could look cool in your MUni.

And another thing… your car is SOOOOOO cool! :d