Good Advice!!

Thanks for your advice, John.

You have a very clear and helpful style of writing which I believe can be read
and understood by anyone on this NG, even non-speakers of the English language.
And the topic of loose bearings can be apreciated by riders of any style, and of
any level.

Now the only problem is where one might find this stuff outside of the
good 'ol USA?

Maybe should be carried and supplied by “Unicycling.Com?”

Keep on Rolling!

Steve Dressler - HK unicyclist & almost a native speaker of the English

At 12:45 PM 2/23/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Loctite high strength sleeve retainer 640 will keep the bearings from slipping
>on the axle. The sleeve retainer is designed to hold press fit parts.
>My Coker and my Pashley muni had problems with the bearings slipping outwards
>towards the crank. I pulled the bearings off, applied some Loctite sleeve
>retainer, put the bearings back on and no more problems. The bearings stay put
>now like they should. Even with the Loctite it is still possible to remove them
>when it is time to replace a bearing so even though it says high strength it is
>still not difficult to break the bond using a bearing puller.
>The hard part is finding the sleeve retainer. Some auto parts stores have it
>and some industrial supply stores have it. The Loctite thread locker is easy to
>find, but the sleeve retainer takes a little more searching.