Good 40c tires?

So, I’m looking for a 700x40c tire, as I’ve decided that’s the widest my rim will take (it’s 17.5 mm). However, the largest my LBS stocks is 38c…

I don’t have any experience shopping for touring tires, and everywhere I’ve looked doesn’t have much of a selection. Where does one find good touring tires?

Also, can anyone recommend a good, preferably slick 40c tire? Thanks.

40 is tough to do without getting into cyclocross tires. any special reason you want 40 over 38? there’s boatloads of 700x38s out there.

well, the main reason I want a 40c is for the 2 extra centimeters of circumference (a 38 is 218cm, a 40 is 220cm), as fickle as that sounds…but it’s worth .15 mph.

If it’s really gonna be that hard to do, though, I’ll just get the 38c.

this post kinda got my hopes up…
will a 42 fit?
good luck in your hunt.

well, that might be what I go with…thanks. it’s just kinda expensive, :frowning:

Unfortunately there aren’t any true slick tires (slicks have zero tread) in the 700c/622 size which are even over the 32 width, at least none that I’ve found. The next closest I’ve been able to find in my extensive web searching are City Contact by Continental, which can be bought in the US in sizes up to 42 width. There’s no 40 width though (it jumps from 37 to 42). Please let me know if you find anything slicker in a nice width.

And now it’s time to slightly hijack the thread for my own purpose. If anyone associated with the US branch of is reading this, please PLEASE stock some wide (2.125), slick tires in the 700c/622 size. People who buy wheels this size usually want to go fast. A knobby tire will not do that on pavement. The Continental tire model called City Contact is produced in widths up to 54, but I can’t find any place in the US that stocks them in sizes over 42. I suspect you could get these tires from your distributers, especially one from europe. There’s a market waiting to be tapped.

I would go with one of the Specialized tires. Most of them go up to 100 psi, which could be nice if you decided to do a fast ride. I also think they might be just as tall as a normal 40c tired because Specialized focuses on anti-flat technology. In this process, they add aditional layers.

So, I found another 42c, made by Hutchinson, and this one is dirt cheap… Tread looks nice, click on the thumbnail to see it bigger.

I know the Schwalbe Big Apple comes in 50mm, but they have been known to fit regular road rims.

hmmm…somehow I doubt a 50c tire will fit (safely) on a 17.5mm rim.

anybody ever try this?