Good 2nd Unicycle?

I’m currently lvl 2 riding a POS Uni and have been looking around (mostly on for my second unicycle, probably a 20 incher. Any recomendations? How is the craftsmanship on the Miyata Standard? Is it worth the $80 more than the Semcycle XL? Are there any other models I should consider? I want a unicycle that will last and can take some abuse. Thanks.

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I was about to post a message almost identical to this. Then I saw YOUR message and figured “All right! Now I can just hide behind falldown, get the advice, and not take any of the newbie flack! Yippee!”

Personally, I’m looking at the “Hunter frame with Poznanter hub and Magura hydraulic brakes” on Oh, I’m looking at it alright… of course, at $1,149.00, that’s about all I’m doing. Maybe I’ll just go polish off my POS, and appreciate it in a new, cheaper, way.

i used to have a nice pos uni too. oh yea cottered cranks and all! hehehe then i got the united trials and i like it. i can trials like a dream and try the occasional freestyle or muni with it. id go with a miyata when i get more into freestyle but i dont have the $ yet. also before i get a freestyle beast im goin with a muni. hey boolgow i noticed your from CT me and some friends are makin a uniclub and have a site if anybody wants co check it out. hopefully if we get enuf people together we can have competitions and more uni meets enjoy Kyle Grasso

Go with the Semcycle. I LOVE mine. They are a great uni at a fair price.
-David Kaplan

I bought a Semcycle XLW 26" about 5 months ago and it has held up to a lot of abuse. Of course, I would expect it to continue to last much longer than 5 months. I am very satified with it. I don’t know much about Miyatas other than their seats. I bought a Miyata seat and Roach seat cover with air pillow and it is amazing how much more comfortable it is.