Gonna be up north!

Hay guys im gonna be headin up to Fresno to ride with some peeps on Wednesday, and were headin up to Frisco on the weekend wonderin if there were any Bay are riders who wanna meet up with us. We will have a camera and bringing fun :smiley:

I forwarded it to two of the local e-mail lists:
“Berkeley UnicyceList” <unicyclists@lists.berkeley.edu>

Unfortunately I stripped one of the crank bolts on my Muni and it’s gonna cost me $100 to get it out of the LBS (no more money till the 1st:()

I might be able to join you w/ a loaner or my freestyle though (nowhere near your skill level though:o).

Hopefully it won’t be rainingt too much! Can’t ride muni here at all (LA county) it’s raining all week!:frowning:

I’m around, I’d love to join you. I’ve got a 20inch for some trials, let me know where you’re going to be riding.

Well il be out there Saturday, im gonna be in Fresno tomorrow. If anyone wants to ride give me a call il have my cell on my at all times 760 963-9632 im always will to chat so hit me up if your in the area! If you dont have a uni we might be able to scavange a loaner if you give me a heads up. There will be several riders. myself Joseph Campbell, I think il be hittin it up with Justin Abbot while im down there, a trials bike rider named dave that I have never met :smiley: lol. and perhaps another trials rider. Gonna be a happenin lil group so if anyone here wants to join up let me know :smiley:

Where will you all be on Saturday? I may be down for coming out and playing, but I haven’t touched a trials uni in months!


Trials could be fun this weekend, assuming it’s not too slippery and rainy.

Rain…thats just another word for challenge just look at the last trials comp with Corbin lmao, im shocked noone died! :smiley: Ya il be down there on saturday im leavin to fresno in about an hour lol.

You told me a while ago you hated the sun :thinking:

Why don’t you come way up north. It’s not raining here.

That just means you aren’t trying hard enough. Muni is fun when it is muddy, and a whole new aspect to the sport.

sorry people I can’t make it up… Google told me fresno is like 7 hours away.

They’re riding in SF so that’s probably 8/9 hrs.

It was actually only a 4 hour drive with stopping ot eat. I am in Fresno til Saturday morning and il be headin further up north on SAt! Give me a call anytime if you wanna ride!

Muni on Sunday?

Tom is in Berkley

Joaquin Miller Park. Topo map

I have never heard of Miller park, the computer I am using here is a lil crazy about trying to view the page…I am leaving in 5 min. So anyone wanna ride hit me up!

(760) 963-9632

Sorry guys, I’m weak to rain. Gonna sit this one out.

Aight guys im back now…Finally get to see my g/f overall it became a good trip…But when I was in San Fransisco it went REALLY sour, I am so sorry for Skilouis(sp?) He had to sit with us in a hospital for like 2 hours before we even went riding which was for less than 1 hour! A trials biker that went with us had some VERY bad reactions to some tussim dm cough syrup and was hallucinating(sp?) He went absolutely crazy and became a danger to himself and others causing us to take him to the hospital for mental evalutaion…The Fresno ride was great, I just wish more riders would have shown up or responded to this thread…But I have a very large new found respect for skilouis I was unaware of his paralysis in his legs. To learn a unicycle with what sounded to be 20 or less percent of his legs is an outstanding feet in itself. I even saw him freemount when I was riding with him. He is definitally a Hero to me now…Sorry we couldnt ride more man!