gonna be driving from ohio to west coast. show me your spots

me and my girlfriend are leaving this weekend on a road trip to the west coast. i like riding muni and pretty much everything. will be bringing my kh26, a 6 foot giraffe and a tightrope cable. i would love to meet up and kick it and ride with anyone who is interested. our plans are somewhat up in the air. just throwing it out there. i haven’t really spoken to too many real, live, unicyclists.


What part of the west coast? There’s a lot of riders in the SF bay area and LA area.

And Oregon and Washington. And Vancouver. :slight_smile: Auburn, CA is right along I-80, and is the birthplace of organized MUni (first MUni-only event). But next weekend I’ll be up in Lake Tahoe for a road ride. Want to ride around Lake Tahoe? It’s only 72 miles… :slight_smile:

Can’t go wrong visiting TCUC and the Minneapolis area, when it comes to riding with people. tcuc.org

If you find yourself passing through Nevada (Carson, Minden, Tahoe), I have a few friends around here who would love to go for a ride!

thanks for the invite john, but i dont think we’ll be there yet, sounds brutal. on what size wheel would you do such a thing?

the route we will be taking roughly is, cleveland - st. louis - little rock - oklahoma city - santa fe - grand - canyon - san diego - san francisco - seattle - yellowstone - moab -colorado - badlands - minneapolis - cleveland. so any where in between there. (and we can veer off a little bit) pretty much if you are around that area and would like to go for a ride, let me know where your at and ill let you know when we’ll be there, or just trail suggestions, of stuff you think is particularly fun on one wheel.