gonna be a good week

last week I ordered both my 661 4x4 leg pads, and universe 2. universe 2 should be here thursday and my pads should be here anyday now. Once I get the pads I’m going to the skatepark to try all the things that I couldn’t get up the courage to do. I’m planning on trying to drop into a quarter pipe. And I’ve been wantin Universe 2 for a while, thought I’d get it before defect comes out(anybody know if defect has much muni in it). anyways as long as the pads fit it should be a great week for unicycling.


hey. I have no sure way of telling, but I would say IMO that defect has more street/trials stuff, but with Kris Holm it has to have Muni. Guessing.

Good luck with the 661s.

Defect has Muni in the trailer.