goldleaf rim

gonna lace it up soon


Is that real gold?!?!?!

Nice looking. Where did you get it?

God! Stop posting at the same time I do!:stuck_out_tongue:

No of course its not real gold.

a. Gold rim would cost a bajimillitrilion dollars

b. Gold is soft enough that if you bite it it leaves an indent. Not that many people would be stupid enough to make a rim out of it.

Not that many people would be biting their rims either.

That rim looks sweet.

Where’d you get it from, how much, etc?

Hey! It’s not like I try!
Anyways, yeah real gold would be expensive. I meant Gold PLATED.

Gold also weighs a crapload.

It probably is real gold LEAF though, gold leaf is pretty inexpensive, and it makes that wheel look Pimp.

Yeah, i meant gold leaf.:stuck_out_tongue: I saw a sterling silver computer mouse once…

Yeah, but if you bottomed out a gold rim would practicaly blow up.

i did it myself

bought the rim from a feller on here,

all it takes is some sanding thin coat of size (special glue), let dry. then a covering with gold leaf(which i grabbed up from work), smoothing out, and a bunch of layers or clear enamel. i dont think i went thin enough with the size. so it may not last as long as it could…
the leaves are very thin, and tho it is not real gold. real gold leaf would still not weigh much at all.