Gold Holm (almost shameless)

Here’s my new uni setup, pictures here


  • KH 20" Alu Frame
  • Koxx-One Hub
  • Koxx-One 125 mm Reinforced cranks
  • Gold drilled Try All rim
  • Pit Fighter Seat Post
  • KH Fusion street gel seat
  • Maxxis Creepy crawler tire
  • KH seat post clamp
  • Odyssey Twisted Plastic Pedals

Total weight: just over 11.5 pounds
Total cost: $630

It’s sick. I rode it today right after picking up the frame from the post office. I love it.

Nice, but i thought when you said KH 20" Alu Frame that you had striped the paint down to aluminum. That would look awesome together with the gold.

will u be selling ur old one?

koxx rims suck.

and it would look way sweeter if it was down to the metal. but nice uni nevertheless. enjoy

why do they suck?

I actually like the blue/gold combo.

And no, I’m keeping my old uni for a backup.

Look at coleshill.mark’s Koxx
it looks so sexy.:stuck_out_tongue:
but whatever its your uni.:wink:

But if I did that, it’d no longer be as original. I don’t know of anyone with a blue frame and gold rim…I’ll probably be corrected quickly on this.

ur uni is sick, thats all there is to it, SICK!

good sick, or like vomiting sick?

hey do you know where i can get a koxx gold edition devil for 300$??? i need to know quickly…send a private message back.

I didn’t. Check your Peem box.

whats that a peem box???

pm private message

sick as in awesome!

Sweet. I thought so to. I was so pumped when I went to the post office yesterday to get my frame. I went straight from the post office, to riding.

I quite like that, reminds me of the WRC Impreza scheme :smiley: