Going to Vail, CO and...

I am not sure if I should bring my Muni. Other than a short ride in LA, I’ve never really ridden on hilly yet alone mountainous terrain. Ive never been to Colorado and I am going with a friend, we are renting Mtn. Bikes. Should I bring my Muni or is it too steep and stuff there? I dont want to bring it just to walk down the mountain.

Also, I need a brake for my Torker 24 in DX. What is everything that I need to buy?

Of course you should bring it - how often do we flatlanders have a chance to ride in the mountains! Just like everywhere, there will be a range of rideable terrain. Some not-so-rideable terrain too. You just have to be comfortable with the notion/image of a being a beginner.
It’ll even be fun to scoot around the town on that thing - you’ll contribute to the ‘greatness’ of Vail.

I live between Aspen and Vail, and have been muning for 2 weeks now…I have to say the hills are high, the altitude will make you cry, but the other cyclests, motorcyclists, hikers, and general peoples are so stocked when they see someone pedal past on a uni! Bring your wheel!