Going to Unithon? READ THIS

Hello everyone!

Yesterday a very unfortunate event occured, my 29er tire got punctured and I had to walk my unicycle home. :frowning:

Stupidly enough, I do not have a spare tube. There are also no bike shops within approximately a 50-mile radius of my home. My father helped me patch the tube, and it’s working fine.

However, I would like to have a spare with me (I have a CO2 pump, etc.) while going on the 19-mile Unithon. If anybody has an extra 29er tube I could buy from them on Saturday, I would greatly appreciate it! :smiley:

Thank you!

Re: Going to Unithon? READ THIS


I knew there was a reason I bought two when mine blew last month. I have an extra and will bring it.

Thank you!

How about that? God used an atheist to help me out! :wink:

Looking forward to seeing you and everybody else again. So who all is going? Dave Stockton (U-Turn)?

Thanks again, very much. :smiley:

And used and cheap I do feel.

Nikki, a number of the riders are wanted in more than one state so I’m not going to name names here. Suffice it to say that there will only be a few people there whose face you will be unable to put a name to because you have actually not met the person.

You are most welcome.

I am going (also an atheist). I was going to try to find my extra 29er tube, but apparently God hasn’t called upon me to do so (Raphael got the job). Tim is going too (my main main man)! Oops, I wasn’t supposed to name names.

See you there!


Are athiests incapable of charity? Are Christians incapable of selfishness?
The majority of Christian charity or “good works” is sin.
They do it cause they are “supposed to” or it makes them feel good (pride).
Very few Christians do things because they are truly “led” by God.
So don’t be surprised when your friendly neighborhood athiest does a good deed. Their motives are probably purer than many Christians.
By the way I am a Christian. I just don’t like the piousness of many Christians (not necessarily speaking of you).


I wasn’t referring to Raphael’s kindness (which has been displayed). I was referring to the fact that he had happened to pick up an extra tube, a miracle! :wink:

I know Raphael has a good sense of humor and we’re both aware of where we each stand as far as our beliefs. I think it was apparent that he took my statement as it was supposed to be taken, lightly.

Dave Lowell,

I remember you from the thing in Lancaster, but I can’t remember if you went to the Unithon last year. Either way, it’ll be nice seeing you again. :slight_smile:

Just had to clear that up,

Sorry it just came out. :frowning: