Going to Ottawa - any shops.

We heading to Ottawa,CA and are planning on bringing our unicycles.

Are there any unicycle shops in Ottawa?

We are planning on staying downtown near Parliament and riding in town. Can you ride on the sidewalks? Any laws that I should know about.

Can you ride on Sparks Street?

Finally, any riders want to get together or any recommendations for places to ride? We will only be there for four days, mostly to visit the museums and skate, but I hope to get a few short rides in.

This is a last minute trip. Usually I spend a week or two planning, but we just decided to go today and drive up from Maine tomorrow. Ottawa is one of our favorite cities. Now to find a hotel.

Hello! I’m happy I found your message, I’m pretty much the only really active rider in Ottawa left, there should be a few others in the summer, I guess they’re just scared of the snow.

There’s no unicycle shop around, pretty sad since I keep destroying seatposts. Yes you can ride on the sidewalk, you are not supposed to ride on Sparks street, but I’ve done it a few times, bike are not allowed.

Send me a PM if you want to ride! I might be able to ride during the weekend!

Just be nice, and you can pretty much ride anywhere that’s reasonable. Ottawa saw plenty of unicyclists in 1991 when Unicon V was held just across the river, in Hull. :slight_smile: