Going to FLUCK

Ivan, I’ll be arriving in Copenhagen on the 9th too. I plan on spending the night there, experiencing the city as much as I can in the time I’ve got and then heading to the convention in the morning.

Cool, what time are you arriving? Do you want to meet up somewhere? My plane should be landing about 9 in the morning. So, I’ve got most of the day free, pretty much.

Also, a few questions to Denmarkians. How’s the crime in Copenhagen and Flakse? Can I get by with English and some basic German? Are there any important things that I better find out from others rather than by experiencing them myself?

I’m not sure what time I’m arriving yet, but I’ll let you know when I do find out. But yeah, we can surely meet up.

Here’s a picture of me so that you to spot me from far away(and run).

I keep telling you, don’t stand so close to the edge of that picnic table.
You’re going to fall off and hurt yourself one day.

I dont know what statistics about crime says, but my experience is that both copenhagen and fakse ladeplads are very safe…
Dont try to speak german to danes, stay with the english, everybody except old people and young children understand and speak english.

In copenhagen you should visit Christiania, and you can also go to frederiksberg and see where unicon is going to be held next year if you are curious… Copenhagen is a very nice city maybe i good idea would be just to get a map and take a walk around the city, you can probably find some good trial places to, if you are interested in that

And how to pronounce fakse ladeplads: … Well, we can teach you when you get here:)

I’m thinking of staying at a hostel overnight and going to Fluck in the morning, to arrive on the dot.

Some more questions(and I really appreciate you answering, as I’m sure many other people who’ll be going do). How should I get around when in Copenhagen? Is there some sort of cheap daily bus pass that I can get. Also, would they allow my 24" muni on the bus?

And when I go by train to Flakse, am I gonna have to dissasemble my uni and put it back in the suitcase or can I just take it on the train assembled?

Also, what are the good places to look for trial spots?

What will the weather be like? I mean, what kind of clothes should I bring?

the best way to get around in copenhagen would be to walk or ride a unicycle, the bus/metro/train tickets are kind of expensive and things are lying pretty close to each other…
You can also rent a bike and get around on that, which is the easiest and fastest way to get around, but probably a little difficult with a unicycle… And i dont know what it costs.
If you want to go by train/metro/bus you can by a ticket that allows you to get around in the center of copenhagen in one hour that costs about 20 dkr, or you can buy a ticket that lasts in 24 hours and allows you to get around in Copenhagen and the northern part of zealand that costs 105 dkr as far as i remember. Maybe that is an idea if it can last until you go to fakse ladeplads, cause you can go almost all the way down there on that ticket, and a normal one way ticket would be something like 50-70 dkr.

It is no problem to bring a unicycle in the train and in the metro, and you dont need to put it in your suitcase.
If you travel by bus in copenhagen they might say something, but you never know… i traveled with my unicycle a couple of times on the bus and nothing ever happened.

The weather can be cold and rain full, or it can be hot and sunny, so bring all kind of clothes, it can change from one day to another

Trial spots, i have no idea, i dont do trial so havent been looking, but ask Kristian, or just take a look around and see what you find:)

Yes, it’s good to get to know all this information about Denmark and the area…

I haven’t booked my flight yet… I need to get on that.

I’ll definitely pay a visit to the Copenhagen zoo. Seems really cool. I’ll locate the place where Tasmanian devils are, spot the coolest one and try to have a conversation with him. I’ll be calling him Tom, after one famous Tasmanian devil friend of mine.

I’ve never been asked to pay for my freestyle uni as long as it wasn’t in anyones way, but if you go by the book your uni must be smaller than 100x60x30 cm to qualify as luggage when you go by train/metro. You can always bring a wrench and an allen key and take off the saddle and the pedals if they give you any trouble. Cokers are bikes :frowning: and need a seperate ticket (price 20 kr).

Copenhagen zoo, huh? Is it famous? Normally, I like to visit the historic buildings when I go to a new city especially if I’m there only for a day or two. I need to start looking into Denmark.

I’d also like to make a side trip to another nearby country if possible. I’ve always wanted to go fishing in Finland.

Well, apparently, Copenhagen zoo is the only zoo in the world outside of Oz that’s got Tasmanian devils. That decided it for me. I’ve gotta see Tom!

If I go around Copenhagen with my uni, can I just lock it to a bike rack somewhere if I need to? You probably have many of those. Is it likely to be stolen?


Double shucks.

Sounds like you are in for a sweet trip Ivan! i might just find out how much it would cost for me to fly over there… just out of interest sake.
i will find a Devil here and when you find yours we can channel through them and have a conversation :slight_smile:

i am not sure if FlUCK is aware of how close it is to being a naughty word.

$2800 return :0

hang on… i could actually afford that.

wow i could go to FLUCK!

Gulp it will take over 26 hours

26 hours one way flying…? :astonished:

I think it’s only going to be like 10 hours total for me.

No but it sure is funny saying it sometimes…

I wonder what my parents would say if i told them i am flying to Copenhagen for FLUCK.

hmm it would ruin my Australian Road trip plans :frowning:
but it would be FLUCK! i may not even come home. i could become a copenwhatsit local.

But i have just applied for a new job :frowning:

They are aware im sure, it is actually kind of a big problem for many danish unicycle clubs, simply because unicycle club in danish is UniCykel Klub, and many town starts with an F…
So, now we have FLUCK, FUK, FUC and Funi

And UCKS, wonder why they didnt put the S in front… :roll_eyes:

Hahahah how cute