Going to FLUCK

Hello. I want to go to FLUCK. The main thing that I think might make it impossible for me is finance. So, I want to find out more about it.

On the website it says that the ticket is 108 euros, which includes full provisioning, so I don’t have to worry about food. Good.

What about accomodation? How much is the inside accomodation? They say they have camping space. Would I be okay if I brought a sleeping bag and slept on the ground? Is it warm enough down there at that time of year?

Also, to get from the airport to the convention and back I’m gonna have to take some trains. How much will that be?

And airfare. Does anyone have any advice on how to find the best deal from Cyprus to Copenhagen and back? Apparently, if you book in advance it’s cheaper…

Ticket + food = 108 euros
Accomodation = ? euros
Shuttle = ? euros
Airfare = ? euros(I’d guess I could find something for about two hundred)

Am I missing anything out? Any advice and information will be appreciated.

Oh, and also: if I want to enter some competitions, do I have to register in advance or do I just sign up on the site?

Whatsamatta with you?
You got a spare kidney you don’t need, haven’t you?

Finance problem solved.

As for signing up for stuff, most conventions let you sign up the day before an event, so undecided riders can make their minds up when they are there.

I have this strange attachment to my kidney. I couldn’t give it up that easily.

The most expensive part seems to be the ticket. Prices for return tickets to Copenhagen from Larnaca start at $600, which is simply ridiculous for such a short flight. I’m thinking of flying out to Athens and taking the train from there. That should be cheaper. How does that sound to travel-savvy people?

Also, any advice on taking my 24" muni on a plane and train with me? Would that cost extra?

Accomodation is included in the 108 €, you just have to bring sleeping bag and some kind of madras, we are going to sleep in the classrooms. (and I wouldnt try to sleep outside if I were you:))

the train from copenhagen airport to fluck costs somewhere around 50 dkr each way, so both ways will cost you around 13€

If you think about flying from athen you can maybe find some cheap flight tickets on www.sterling.dk, (im not sure, but usually you can find cheap flight tickets there…) other possibilities could be www.airberlin.com, www.sas.dk, dont know if any of them fly to cyprus, but maybe:)

maybe you can look for flights going to Malmö, sweden. thats very close to Denmark, maybe you can find something there, i know ryanair is flying to malmö, but probably not from cyprus


… maybe you can fly to hamburg, and go by train from there, if that is cheaper, the train ticket from hamburg to copenhagen can be very cheap

You can’t sign up after may 15.

Try this one. http://www1.momondo.com/

And as Emma says, accomodation is included in the price.

I have never payed extra for bringing my unis on planes or trains.

Aha, thank you for your replies, guys.

So, basically the price is 108 euros + travelling expense (+ some unpredictable small things that may happen). I think I will be going, but I’m not sure yet. If I register and something goes wrong(I really hope it doesn’t) can I take my name off the list? Or do I commit myself by registering?

I see that Ryan Atkins and Kris Holm are going. Excellent! I’ll have somebody to match my skill. :stuck_out_tongue:

After you have signed up, you can remove your name when you login to your account.

And would that be okay even if I did it, let’s say in June or early July?(I mean took my name off the list, if worse came to worst)

But for now, I’m registering! FLUCK, here I come(hopefully)!

Hmm, I registered, but can’t login. My name is on the list, though.

I tried the lost password button, but it says my e-mail is not registered, even though I confirmed it. Weird, eh?

I registered, so that mean that I don’t need a tent to sleep in?
There are bedrooms?

Peter M

If you are in Europe or the area, check out ryanair.com Thier ticket prices simply can’t be beat by anyone. You will need a passport to fly, and they don’t serve any ‘treats’ on the flight, but for those prices, I can bring my own bag of peanuts and soda.

There are class rooms in the school right next to the gym to sleep in, if you don’t mind sleeping with others.

What food will they feed us?

I like his thinking :smiley:

Peter M

Thanks Amanda and everyone else.

I have a plan which might help. I’ll make a video, send it to this BMX/skate shop with a letter of how I can promote them and stuff and maybe I’ll get sponsored and they’ll send me there for free as their representative. What do you think?

I’ll make a thread about it later on.

I’ve found some cheap tickets to Vienna.

I’m thinking of flying out there and taking the train to FLUCK. Does anyone know how much that would be? I’ve been to a few train company websites, but couldn’t figure out how these things work.

Try www.db.de (deutsche bahn’s homepage), and write that you are going from wien to kopenhagen, then it works
(and if you get more choices of stations in copenhagen then koebenhavn H is the one)
From copenhagen to fakse ladeplads you need to take another train, but a ticket to koebenahvn H works almost all the way to fakse ladeplads, so wait with worrying about that:)

Thank you for that. It doesn’t give me the fare, though. Says it’s unknown. I’ve checked out some other sites, like EuroRail and it seems like the fare is around $400. Much cheaper to fly straight to Copenhagen.

So, I booked the ticket today. Thanks to everyone for their assistance.

The ticket is from 9th to 16th. Does anyone have any advice on what to do on the 9th? I’m thinking spend the day in Copenhagen and take the evening train to Fakse. Would they accept me one day early?

By the way, how do you pronounce Fakse Ladeplads?