Going Rubber

I know there are many threads kinda like this, but i have a more specific problem. i have no problem cranck/pedal grabbing, but i cant go to rubber on MY uni. i have no problems on my pals 20" but i cant on my 24". we both have nimbus. any advice?

Jump higher? That’s about the only advice you’re going to get.

24" is harder than on a 20" obviously.

i kinda thought that would be it. is there any to get more hight w/o a tyer, just the crank. i porbally did a bad phrasing of the question

ps. will it screw up the bearing if i catch with them too sometimes?

if you can do sif, what I do is I tuck down almost to the point where my butt is hitting the tire and spring up super duper fast.

kick up from it. (not be on the crank/don’t use the crank)
be on the pedal and rock the uni up and pull up. (it is a rocking motion)

ill do my best. im not the best at sif. can do it igher but less controal. A LOT less controal. thanks for the advice

Yeah, like someone has already said, Plant your pedal on the ledge, then swing your uni up, using the hub and pedal shaft as pivots. Use the momentum from the swing to jump up onto the ledge.

If you do it SIF every time you will learn the control. Eventually you won’t even have to think about it, it will come naturally to you.

Rock on!

I learned to go to rubber on my 24" just two days ago.
All it takes is some balls and the ability to hop higher than your crank.
Thanks to my crankgrabbing ability I can now get onto 6 pallets.

Keep practicing.

from ur pic it doesnt show very well but if u dont have a 19" uni it is harder… if u’ve got a freestly 20" like wot i had its worth at least getting a tyre like the maxxis max daddy or the onza sticky fingers 20".

But anyways maybe try with a little prehop and just launch into it, just think that it doesnt matter if u hurt urself… well it does but just dont think about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there much difference in crank length between those two unis?

There’s a 2" difference in tire size there. Adding 2" to your hop shouldn’t take much work. If you do a pedal grab instead of a crank grab you can add 2" and then some with very little work… swinging the uni as others have suggested will make all the difference.

It sounds like balance is your problem. The best advice for this is to practice more!

Good luck! Tell us how you get along!

Practice, practice, practice. You’ll eventually get it. Pedal to rubber is definitely tougher on a 24. Having a strong SIF hop really helps.