going fast on a uni.

After unicycling for almost a year (I got my first unicycle in late December of 2004), I have heard many nice and not-so-nice things about my activity of choice, that is, until I PASS THEM, GOING 10MPH ON MY 24" TORKER CX! VRROOOM! I love the feel of wind in my face, but unfortunately, unless I am pedalling into the wind, that doesn’t happen unless I am going really fast*.

I have found, as I am sure many of you have too (but this post is for those of you who haven’t), that if I use one of my hands to put down&backward pressure on the back of the seat I can lean much further forward without falling off. Being able to lean farther forwards while still having my weight on the seat allows me to run “all out” forwards. I can run (pedal very fast) this way, and I didn’t think to tell others about my method until the other night when I was riding with my mom (she was on her bike [an older Peugeot “Nautilus” roadbike]) and decided to show her how fast I could go on my 20".

So try it!

sounds interesting.
what size cranks do u have on ur 24?

The standard 127mm (5") ones. On my 20", however, I have 152mm (6") cranks which were sent as replacements (from Torker, free of charge) because I put the cranks on the wrong sides/was too excited to read the directions for assembly and stupidly/wrongly assumed the cranks/pedals were universal :roll_eyes: .

I don’t know exactly how fast I can go on either uni, that “10MPH” figure was just used to show that I was moving faster than they thought possible on a unicycle. I’ll have someone clock me sometime.

Re: going fast on a uni.

On Sat, 29 Oct 2005 20:47:07 -0500, burjzyntski wrote:

>On my 20", however, I have 152mm (6") cranks

Really? That’s l - o - n - g ! Can you turn (and lean) without
hitting the ground?

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On some of my sharper turns I do hi the ground with the pedals. I wish I hadn’t stripped my 127’s, or else I’d be riding those instead.

Damn, looks like I fell asleep at the wheeel…

I don’t follow what you are describing. Are you putting one hand on the back of the seat? Can you post a picture of you riding this way?

Sounds like the maneuver he’s describing is simply pushing down on the handle while he stands and “runs.”

In addition to that, I’ve noticed that if I put one hand on the back of my seat and try sorta picking it up and pushing it forward while I’m sitting down, I end up leaning farther forward and going faster.

Unless I have misunderstood your description of the go-faster technique, I think the effect is purely psychological.

To go fast, you need to be relaxed and smooth. That means you don’t push or pull on any part of the seat. Just sit comfortably with your weight on the seat, and the seat at the right height for efficient pedalling. Pedal smoothly, gradually accelerating up to maximum speed. I find it helps to hold the front of the seat loosely just for “feedback” of what the wheel is doing. Concentrate on circular movements of the pedals, rather than simply stomping down on the pedals.

I find it helps to accelerate up to maximum speed, hold it for only a few seconds, then back off a bit. Sustained periods of maximum speed result in messy UPDs. If you keep nudging the limit, the limit will keep moving away, and you will gradually find it easier to go fast.

Shorter cranks help but the better you get, the faster you can go with longer cranks.

I think to get going top speed, you need to lean forward a lot more than you think you should. this can probably result in terrible UPD’s, but so far hasn’t happened to me yet, and my top speed is 19.2 mph on my coker with 150mm cranks…always wear a helmet, kids! EDIT: adults, too.

Know whats AWSOME???

175mm’s on a 16" unicycle!!!

(very ssllllllllllllooooooowwwww)

whoaaa, you would almost hit the ground with those!! on a 12" wheel I think you would hit the ground…

It does hiy the ground. On a 16" I mean.

You have to lean the oppisite side of the down pedal…