Going downstairs - backwards ?

Hey @ll,

i’m searching for videos or picures of going downstaris backwards with the unicycle…is there any stuff in the www ? Yeah, it’s very crazy, but did it someone ??

Thank you

Going backwards down stairs, wheel-walking down stairs, geez! As if some of the things people do here aren’t suicidal enough… :roll_eyes:

I guess in a few years, things like this will be old hat, but for now, they just seem crazy. If anyone does have a video, though, I wouldn’t object to seeing it…


Dustin Kelm is pretty good at riding stairs backwards. I’ve seen him do some pretty big sets, over 15 stairs, not too steep though. Also seen him do some steeper sets around 6 stairs.

Should be some good backwards stair riding in the upcoming video - UNiVERsE 2


Any due date for UNIVERsE 2 ??? --chirokid–

Heres a picture of dustin doing that last summer, although it’s not the best angle.

dustin riding the stairs backwards.jpg

Anyone tried backwards muni? That’s a lot of fun. I only did 1 rev or so down some roots but I plan to try it properly some time.


Wow… I hope all that stuff never becomes “old hat”. I’m pretty unstable just going down forwards and not wheel-walking. I doubt it will ever become old hat though. It would still take the same amount of skill, no matter what time period it is. I’m not overly concerned, although getting the splined upgrade to my uni would enable me to take some “gnarly” drops. Yes, I’ve still got it… and still the best unicyclist in the county.

PS… g5 says hi…

Yeah, ww down stairs is a tough trick. I’ve managed to wheelwalk off a curb a few times. Kangaroo ww seems to work best.


Could you please explain kangaroo wheel walking?


Hey, it would be really great to see someone riding down some stairs backwards. It would be a good scene for Universe , Dan. I’m always wating for the second version of the biggest unitrials-video!!

@Max: lease make some videostuff instead of pictures :slight_smile:

Thank you all

Re: Going downstairs - backwards ?

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003 07:05:20 -0500, andrew_carter
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>Could you please explain kangaroo wheel walking?

I’m guessing it means that both feet move in unison (like a twin
cylinder motorcycle engine). Secondly, time it such that at the moment
supreme, you have both feet on the tyre, non-gliding. Think of how one
rides a kangaroo unicycle. (A kangaroo unicycle is defined as one
having both cranks pointing in the same direction.)

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Thanks Klaas.


I posted a small backwards stair riding video at: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albur27

It’s not the best quality video or riding though…


Re: Going downstairs - backwards ?

Love it!

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