going backwards

Hi! (seems quite quiet on the unicycling list front?) At long last, I decided to
learn to ride my unicycle (I’ve had it 4 years), and I’m doing quite well… but
how do I go backwards?

I can do a freestanding mount, and ride forwards quite well for quite some
way (about 10 minutes, then my legs die ;-), right turns aren’t too bad and
left turns are getting there. Uphill is fine, downhill hurts my legs, but
less so lately.

I want to learn this rocking back and forth thing, so I can stop and start
again… but any attempt at doing so and I’m on the floor! I’ve tried with
reasonable success indoors in the hallway (holding on to both walls), is this
just practice I need? I’m wondering if its any harder because the wheel is a
24" one, and I’ve got further to travel?

Raw-Thighed, ]ain