Going Backwards and idling

I’ve seen videos of people doing it, but how do you do it? I have tried for hours to do this. any help would be great


dude seriously do a search. its what its there for. i got hounded for doing dtuff like this aswell. but with riding backwards just push away from a wall and try ur best
its all u can do. also with idleing its simply practise makes perfect

The way I learned is by just riding forward, then without holding onto anything, stopping and leaning backward and just going for it. When I first started I’d immediately fall off by just leaning backward, but eventually built up to have a rev, one rev, then 3 revs etc. just like learning forwards. After I could go back about 10 feet and fall off, I was able to do half a rev back and then continue forward. I just built from there and I learned backwards riding and idling in sync with each other.

go here

learn how to idle then go backwards one revolution then idle again and so on till you can ride backwards, all the skills you want to learn are on unicycletips dot com

Ok thanks I’ll give it a go, you guys have been most helpful

dude … shut up w/ the do a search idea, no offense, but its easier not to do a search

now for backwards riding, do it nonchalantly, and idling the same, don’t treat it like something that you have to do … just do it, think its not hard and just go back wards
if it doesn’t work
don’t stress over it just try it a few times, do a few tricks you know and go back to it

Aright, and I just want to say I did search. A LOT and I found this site so I figured I’d post. Which was very helpful