Going backward while mounting

I have trouble free-mounting, when I go to get on I put my foot on the pedel and go backwards…this throws me off balance and I fall off. I have tried searching it and tried the all the suggestions, and none have worked…any other ideas? :thinking:

find a semi-extreme hill, try mounting there. the wheel can’t roll back (assuming you logically are trying to go downhill) and you learn the right pressure needed to keep the uni under you, but not push the uni backwards. then try it on flat.

i’ve also heard putting something behind the wheel when you freemount works well. like a rock or cinderblock.

Static mount or rollback mount

What kind of mount are you trying to do? With a rollback mount the whole idea is that the unicycle rolls back. This then gets the wheel slightly behind you so that your weight is ahead of the wheel so you can start riding forwards.

With a static mount the idea is to not have the wheel roll backwards. In this case you need to jump up and forward enough to get your weight slightly in front of the wheel. In this case you need to either have the pedal farther down (so that the wheel doesn’t roll backwards) or else not put much weight on the pedal.

Either way the trick is practice. Try it while holding on – preferably holding on to things on both sides to avoid making you spin around.

I learned my static mount on a downhill slope with a small piece of wood behind my wheel (I used a 1"x1" by 6" long piece, and on a gentle downward slope, too steep and it will add other complications). Learning on a downhill makes a big difference, also lower your seat a bit more than you normally ride with. These are all temporary until you get the feel (only takes a couple of times), then you can use a smaller and smaller piece of wood. A big part of it is visualizing yourself mounting and riding away right before your attempt. Spot your pedal where you want your foot to go and just fling yourself up and forward in the direction you want to go, ride away… :slight_smile:

I’ve been static mounting for a couple of months and it still helps to visualize a successful mount before I attempt, especially when I’m tired.

My wife was taught to put her leading foot on the crank then mount so as to not cause the pedal to rotate. I myself do not like “cheating” but usually take longer to try it the “hard way”. I actually mount with my cranks level. I found when I first tried to do free mounts the uni would roll backwards as you are finding out and and then my pedals would be in the dead spot (12 and 6 oclock) which meant it was hard to push forward. So I leveled out my pedals and when I did roll back I still had leverage to pedal out. I can now mount without rolling at all. As a matter of fact I can mount seat out with pedals level and no hand pressure on the saddle (but I am still useless at seat out riding). Long story short, practice, practice, practice.

Another tip you may or may not already know, put as much weight on the seat as you can then push up with the ground foot. Do not try and push up with the pedal foot or the uni will do what you are expiencing, which is roll bacwards.


The key to the static mount is to apply pressure in two directions at once. This may be best practised quickly so grow some balls and try hard:
The cycle should be tilted towards you and be pushing into your crotch in a comfy position. Use your body weight to apply forward pressure to the uni. At the same time, your front foot is applied to the back pedal and should apply enough pressure to hold the pedal at a static position. Raise your other foot to the front pedal and use your body’s inertia to move over the uni. As you arrive at the the point directly above the unicycle, you pedal forward.
If that’s causing bother, a quick fix is to start with your back pedal slightly lower, at around the 7 o’clock position and use your body weight to roll to 9 o’clock as you mount.
Build some confidence by holding the cylce in place with the front foot and just momentarily touching the other foot to its pedal without even trying to pedal. Just to get a feel for that static hold.


My technique is probably flawed but it works. I don’t hold onto the seat handle preferring to squeeze my thighs around the handle. In any event, I keep the pedals fairly level and focus on keeping all my weight on the saddle. I consciously try not to apply any pressure on the rear foot to prevent rollback. Since the saddle is fairly high (it’s a 28" wheel and my inseam is only 30") I have spring up to get the saddle vertical without applying too much pressure on the pedals. I do experience a very small amount of rollback.

Here’s a short video of my mount. At the end it is reshown in slow motion.

Great! Thanks for all the tips!:slight_smile:

this video may help you.



i was looking for a vido of someone selfmounting. thanks perry

delcypher. im just learning and find watching vidios realy helps. thanks agin,perry

Go to unicyletips.com then basic skills and there are a bunch of video tutorials.