Goin' down at 50

Years that is, not miles per hour. I had my wife go out with me for a couple of shots with my new camera as I played on a downhill at a park by the house.
Here’s a few pics:

goin' down 2.jpg

This one I lightened the contrast a bit too much

blurred downhill 2.jpg

One of the better shots

uni turn 2.jpg

Aww come on. We wanted to see a picture of you crashing! Live up to your namesake! :slight_smile:

This might give a slight idea of the steepness of the hill. The other pics don’t show the angle at all

hill bottom 2.jpg

I’ve seen steeper hills in Minnesota. You’re going to have to do better. :slight_smile:

Great Pic Kenny!

Two questions however:

  1. Why all the distorted facial expressions? I am afraid with looks like those, you’ll blow the “cool” factor of unicycling.
  2. Why not just COAST down all the hills? :smiley: --chiroikid–

I wasn’t looking for BIG descents, I’ve only been riding less than 8 months.

Chirokid, that’s called concentration:D :smiley: :

Facial expressions, that’s why they use full-coverage helmets for some events in other sports. The look of terror on your face really blows the macho image for motorcycle racers.

Most of those facial expressions were caused by me yelling to my wife “shoot it now!” while we were trying to figure out the time lapse between when she pushed the button to when the flash went off:)