hey i recently killed one of my goals today. my goal is to reach a 2’ hop.
today i jumped 3 feet! :astonished: :astonished: on my dx

yesterday i could only jump 2… hmmm.

to tell the truth i think unicycling is about 60% mental. as long as you are confident and pumped, you can do so much more.

about a month ago my top jump height was 1 1/2 feet.

anyone else have a similar experience?
anyone else have goals that they have set for them selves?

spring break… nothing to do. so why not start a conversation.


I think I am the opposite of you. My hop has been around 20" for probably a year. I used to hop si and I have learned sif and stuff and my technique has gotten alot better but I still can’t hop high for anything. It would help if I had some pallets to practice with, I have acused my small hops on the fact that the only thing I have to hop up around me is benches at the park so I can hop up those benches really well but I haven’t progressed in forever. I think I will stick to flatland/street;) My rolling hops are pretty sad too, I think they are around 20" also these days…:frowning:

well at least you have benches to practice on, spence.

i don’t have anything up here in the winter.
but… seeming as at the last meet (CMW), i increased my hop height from nil to about 3 inches, i may get betterer at moab.

my goal is to jump 80 cm sif by easter now i am at like 55 cm… getting new pedals so that will help me physicaly, and mentally cuz i will think i can do better with my new pedals and i hope i do…

Haha, I wish getting new parts made me better;)

Goals help, but sometimes you’re just in the mood and get something right, then you go ride more and just own everything you try. At least that’s how it works for me, anyway. I tend to get something down and then get psyched, go do something even harder, and continue from there.

My current goals are to solidify my “other” foot one-foot riding and figure out how to sideways WW.

i thought you ment rolling hop height at first! i was like, 3 FEET :open_mouth: !!!

lol i hope to have a 3 foot rolling hop eventually.

spencer- i dont even use pallets. is there any construction sites around you?
there are stakcs of “stuff” everywhere. just find a construction site and ride your heart out.

just get psyched, as fuego said and you will be able to exceed alot more. its pritty much mental

My main goal is to nail a crankflip, i cant unispin either. Any tips? joke


I think its really beneficial to keep a mental record of your own personal bests, as well as how good you are at certain skills like 1ft, WW etc. Then when you go out and practice you can aim for something small but achievable, like an extra 2" on your SIF height or something. I find that small amounts of regular practice (like doing 10 revs of 1ft every day) do more for you than trying to mission a skill in an hour and getting frustrated. My 1ft maneuverability has improved considerably since I’ve been doing a couple of laps of the hall a week every time I go to Circus Society, dodging in and out of diabloists and poi spinners.

My current personal goals are pretty straightforward. 360 unispin, 90 unispin from tyre to cranks, 180 unispin tyre to tyre. Transition from riding to WW to riding again. Backgrabs, no footers and eventually crankflips. SIF hopping up to 50cm, rolling hop up to 70cm. Clearing a 9 set. 6ft static drop.


wow, nice goals. how long have you been riding?

ok, so it’s not amazin’, but I’ve decided to go for the goals set out with those skill levels…

3 weeks into posessing my 24" dodger and i’m nailing this left foot mount and i’ve been hoppin’ all about the place:D

i know for most of you guys it probably seems so insignificant, but for me, just to look at something, say you’ll achieve it and get doing it that day just feels so good.

to begin with my goals were just to ride into town or ride to this or that place, but doing that is not enough anymore. I so can’t wait until i’ve got enough cash to get a trials or a muni and be able to do more and more sick things.:stuck_out_tongue:

i know i had that feeling with skate boarding begore, but that was a while ago and getting it again just feels so good!!:smiley:

ok, i guess that’s enough for now :roll_eyes: - just roll on the next day so I can get working on level 3(and hopefully get other personal goals like places i wanna ride too)!!

my goals are small but significant to me…i wanna get idling down and learn how to ride sif…i also want to get a better hieght out of my hops …seat in and out. right now both are hovering around the 1 foot mark so i hope to get 1.5’ maybe 2’ by the summer vacation.

cool, cool.

my goals:
-no footers off something at least 2 ft high…this is long term lol
-backward standup ww…hopefully within a month…cuz forrest already has it
-solid transition to my koosh koosh…this should be reallly easy
-sideways ww by the end of the year
-backwards ww by the end of the yr
jsm here i come…

and ummm… achieve world peace!..sweats perfuselycoughswalks away hurriedly

haha. whats a transition to your koosh koosh? your butt?

Haha, koosh koosh is the easiest way to backward wheel walk, you have one foot behind the frame and it sounds like “koosh koosh” when you do it. If you have seen Defect its the thing that Sabin does after he 180s that gap infront of the building.

To Coast more than 100metres!

Pretty basic goals for me, but:

1 footed
Generally increasing control over my hops
Tear up some trails with my muni