Goals Achieved


I would just like to tell you all, that eventually, I have reached my (one of) first goals.

It is 180 Uni-Spin.

I am SO happy now. I have been trying it for ages.

Click HERE to see video.

I can describe how happy I was when I did my first one!

Also, today (at a school fete) Simon, Yoggi, and myself were messing round, and I started to run jump mount. I don’t know what its real name is, but you run with you uni in front of you (in the air) and then jump and land on the pedals. So anyway, with Yoggi wanting to take a picture of some blood (just don’t ask!!) Simon lay on the ground, and I did a running jump mount over him. It was cool, and Yoggi got it on Video (I’ll get it off him some time).

On Tuesday, my 661 Filters came (shoes). There really good, and I shall write a product review soon…


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So please…describe!


new skill…

Great Job Joe, keep having fun. My daughter and I are headed out to ride right now. --chirokid–

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hehe… sorry…

(obv ment to be… I cant describe…) :stuck_out_tongue:


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Joe wrote:
> Hello.
> I would just like to tell you all, that eventually, I have reached my
> (one of) first goals.
> It is 180 Uni-Spin.

180 degree uni spin was one of your first goals?!

I hate you. Talented people, snarl.

Knowledge is power.
Power corrupts.
Study hard. Be evil.

No, uni-spin wasnt one of my first goals, but it was at the time, as i have worked through my other ones! :smiley:

I am amazed how my skill levels have gone up. Well, not the complete level, but new tricks. Like 180Uni-spin, going from tyre hopping, back to pedals, and now running jump mount!

Click Here For Video
And, as Yoggi wanted to see some blood, I did it over simon… LOL

What skills are YOU working on at the moment?


Nice work Joe! I did two uni-spins a while ago and haven’t had the guts (on my muni) or the skill to do it again.

This was a goal I had set for me yesterday…

Rockley, James and I were out muni-ing in a new spot which is ridiculously perfect for trials and muni of all levels and types. We were on a trail and came up to a set of 14 rock steps that were 20-40cm high. I said I was going to try to hop up some of them and Rockley told me I wouldn’t get 6 of them. The 1st time I got to the 6th and only just clipped the edge but fell over from exhaustion. This just wasn’t right so I got my breath back and tried again. I got to 4 this time. So, I went back again, paused, fired up, hopped up all 14, then lay on the ground for about 2 minutes at the top. :slight_smile: These stairs were surprisingly tiring to hop up and I’d been out riding for a while before hand. It was so satisfying after considering giving up when I’d reached about 8.

Also, riding down ‘No. 9’ is coming along nicely. That’s one of my official goals for the holidays. I can now ride down it all, but not yet all in one go.