Go Pro Hero 2 HD Outdoor Edition

I bought a Go Pro last Summer in anticipation of making videos, but alas I just don’t have the time, so now it is for sale. I have used it fewer than ten times, it has been stored indoors, it has never been wet or hit the ground. It is essentially new.

This is the outdoor package Hero 2 HD (high definition) camera which included a chest harness, a helmet harness, and a head harness, plus a bunch of pivots. The package also the waterproof case, a ventilated case back, and a USB charger cord.

This camera was purchased at Best Buy and includes a three year warranty good until July 2015 ($70).

I will also include a high speed 32 GB SD Card ($40).

The best price I could find on a Hero 2 HD is $250 plus tax or shipping ($15-25). This did not include an extended warranty.

I’m asking $300 for everything and will include insured snail mail shipping (USPS) in the Continental USA.

I’m not interested in shipping to Canada or Europe, sorry.

No Trades, No Offers, Package Sold Complete AS IS.

PayPal (you pay the fees) or a verified bank check.

Send me a PM with questions or commitments to buy.


Just a FYI
The acclaimed chest harness is actually a head strap mount. You might be able to put it on your chest but I don’t think so.

It looks like your accessories from left to right are as follows:
Head strap mount $14.99 retail on GoPro’s store
Vented helmet strap mount $14.99
Standard housing $29.99
Pivot arms x4
Skeleton back door
USB charging cable
Handlebar/Seatpost pole mount $19.99
Standard clip on mount

MPUni, are you buying or just being a pita? Yes, the chest harness is a typo, I was copying from a website.

Anyways, back on topic…what you see is what there is, standard Outdoor Edition package.

I’ll listen to reasonable offers, but please no low balls, I would rather give it to my daughter then give it away.

Nope just being a pita:D I have a nice Hero2 of my own.

Okay, $250, bottom line, complete package, 30 months on the extended warranty, and I’ll include shipping to the lower 48.

367 views, no offers, seriously?

I am just about ready to send the Go Pro to Utah!

What is it worth to you all?

Since I am not getting any offers, I’ll open it up to Europe and elsewhere, but the shipping andees are the buyer’ responsibility.

I may even head over to TGR and see what I can get.

Hi NurseBen,

your GoPro 2 is interesting (and would for sure make nicer shot than my GoPro 1). But it is hard to make you a decent offer while being able to justify the expense (except just out of I-want-a-better-one-mania) :smiley:

But if you are interested by trading just the GoPro 2 camera (+ few $$) for my GoPro 1 and give the whole set to your daughter, let me know.

(At least, it is an offer even though it isn’t an interesting one… :D:p:p:p).

Thanks for the trade offer, but I think I’ll hold for cash or end i West.


How about a trade for a muni?

I’d like to pick up a 26" or 29" Nimbus to use for teaching.

Still looking for cash as well.

Sale pending…