Go, Go, GoPro!

This was a first test using my new GoPro HD camera. There’s going to be some trial & error, “guessing” where to point the camera for each shot, to get the best results. It does have a super wide angle, and great fisheye effect at close range, but you still won’t know how you’re footage came out until you get home and view the files on your computer.

A big thumbs up for the video quality, and my fav setting is 1280x720 hd at 60fps, which gives you really smooth slomo. (2:30 is a good example, with the leaves flying up.) The one thing that could be better is the sound quality, which is muffled somewhat, due the the camera being locked in the water tight case.

It picks up sound close to the camera pretty clearly, but comments from people more than a few feet away can be hard to hear. Other than that, I like it! So here’s the first test footage from today’s ride, and I hope you enjoy.

(Lyrics by Pennywise have some “mature” content! :o)

yo terry you forgot smething…lol. change it to public

Oops. Fixed. This was my first “test” video to get a feel for using my new gopro camera. You can’t see or play back what you film, so it’s really a guessing game as to how it will look. Shoots really smooth slo mo in 720p @ 60fps.


Hey Terry.

Nice vid. I have been looking at the HD Hero for a while now after seeing some of the promotional videos on youtube for it.
Can you manual white balance with it?


Very nice once again!
Did you try to use the gopro as a cable cam yet?
I wonder how that would look but maybe the cable would be visible at all times.
I want to try putting my kodak playsport on a cable and see how that goes.

Nice video! I had a chance to take my Gopro out yesterday for the first time. I put the open back on mine instead of the waterproof back and the mic pickup was still pretty low. I think the problem is that these cameras are designed for going 100 mph and not picking up any wind noise, so they don’t really pick up people talking near by. I noticed that the mic is on the side of the camera, so I might drill a hole on the side of the case where the mic is to see if it picks up people talking better. I don’t need my case to be waterproof.

How did you mount your camera on the pole? Did you buy the tripod mount or come up with your own mount. Do you have it upside down and flip the video, or is it mounted right side up. I don’t like the Gopro tripod mount since you have to take it off to put the camera back on your helmet. I may just epoxy a 1/4x20 nut on one of the flat mounts so I can swap the camera between mounts faster.

From what I’ve read in my owner’s manual, the white balance is all automatic. doesn’t seem to be an issue so far.

In my last video, “Rocky mountain MUni” I did one or two cable cam shots with it. I’m editing a new video i just shot today where I got some uni-cable-cam footage with my gopro hd, and just to see the difference, I did the same shots with my regular hd camera.

Yeah I used the open back as well to get better sound, and it does help a bit, but still not great audio. I did get the tripod adapter for the gopro, and just attach it to my mini tripod.

ive decided this is the next camera im getting. i love the zi8, but the narrow angle is killing me. i can’t stand it anymore.

but my comp can barely handle editing hd vid, so ill be using the wvga setting the majority of the time. i noticed that’s also at 60fps, a huge plus.

can you post up a test vid of the wvga setting? like straight from the cam, no editing or rerendering, i wanna see how it looks.

It’s almost not worth getting the gopro if you’re not going to use the hd settings! The best and very easy way for your computer to handle the 720p (or 1080p which I never use) is to convert the file which is recorded in MP4 format, to AVI, using the free “any video converter”.

I LOVE this easy to use program, and once converted to avi (there are many codecs to use but I use wmv1) then I simply import the clips to windows movie maker and edit as usual. No problems! Here’s a link to the converter.