Go find another candle for the cake!

Today I celebrate my 43rd birthday, or as I like to think of it: Celebrate the closing of my 43rd year and beginning of my 44th year.

Unicycle content? When I started my 43rd year I was riding more regularly because Andrea, my eldest, was riding more and we were having a good time. I had a couple 24’s and the giraffes but hadn’t learned anything new in years. In June I asked Andrea if she would like to join a club, she did and we joined the Uniques Of Washington. Since that fateful moment I have done the following things I had never done before:

Belonged to a club, ridden in parades and shows, became equipment manager for the club, learned to hop, basic rolling hop, finally consistently got over that %&@#$ 10 cm obstacle, drops, ride one footed, seat on stomach, seat in front, rode uni.5 & Blueshift, rode a 9 ½ foot giraffe, rode a Coker, rode a 40” big wheel, rode a 16” tall unicycle, rode a triple stack giraffe, rode a handlebar uni, rode a coaster uni (very briefly), rode Muni, bought a Muni, made up a 28” wheel for the Muni frame, got my own 20, witnessed spectacular uni riding beyond my wildest imagination at NAUCC/UNICON 11, watched Abby, my youngest, learn to ride at age 5, discovered RSU, got UNiVERsE, One Wheel No Limit & ITTD, made the first post on the Stealth, volunteered on a USA committee, and spent countless hours to put together a brief unicycle biography & photos of an old friend. I’m sure there is more but you get the idea.

A great uni year was not without some downs though. I broke my heel on a lawn dart dismount off the 9 ½ foot giraffe and couldn’t ride for 10 weeks, my old dog of 15 years died, lost my job (got a new one), and I met several unsavory characters. You wouldn’t know these guys but their initials are TJ, GH, JC, and JT. If you ever run across these guys just ride, ride away then come back for more.

Can’t wait to see what my 44th year brings, I hope to have many more uni achievements and initials to add to the rogue gallery.

Lets ride,

Let’s all perform the sacred lodge-brother dance for Steve tonight.

'Your family going to be at the Nat’s? this Summer, Steve? -Hope to see you there. BTW: how did you get off so easy? -GH made us carry him down hills steaper than that!


Happy Birthday, Steve. It’s very nice to (virtually) know you.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I always enjoyed being a prime number. Last time I was a prime number, everyone in my family was. For some reason they didn’t care. Go figure.

Have a happy birthday. Aren’t you in Philly this week? You could drop by Coudersport and pick up the rest of Nikki’s cake to bring to your many, initialed friends.

happy birthday Steve, hope this year brings you up this way to ride with the van’uni’ers.


Better bring out the Giant Mutant Slide Rule again, Harper!

Klaas Bil (49)

Sounds like an amazing year, Steve. Happy Birthday! You done so much in the last year. I wish I had the chance to try a 91/2 foot giraffe. What was dismounting like in general (not when you injured yourself)?


Happy birthday! You had a great uni-year.

Those damn lawn darts! You never know when one is going to get you!

I was in Philly today but am staying in Valley Forge. The company found me an army surplus tent from the revolution, all the snow hasn’t melted yet so we burned a set of GW’s false teeth (thats G. Washington, not Bush) to keep warm.

And what’s with this town called King of Prussia? Where are the princesses?

Had as good a birthday as possible for being out of town, all my beer was free this evening!

Well you still have 15 minutes left on your B-day here in Seattle, though you are probably already fast asleep in Philly. Certainly your easy manner helped me decide to drive 40 minutes each way on Tuesday nights and some weekends to see a great buddy and ride.

Happy Birthday and thanks for your inspiring spirit in everything you do.


Congratulations, Steve! I got a kick out of the JC pic.

Forget this one. I misread ‘time’ for ‘year’. Maybe I need Giant Mutant reading glasses :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil