Go Do. - 3 weeks in Croatia


Check out our new vid from our trip to croatia with Jakob. Some clips are also filmed in Italy.

Enjoy and drop a comment if you like it;)


awesome edit (not up for debate) realy creatif, nice pedalflip at the end :slight_smile: realy nice crankstal combos, but you already knew that:p
I love it!!

This…this is awesome. As always, amazingly creative riding, filming and editing. I really liked the one footed hops onto the two tree branches. Top notch stuff.

At first I was going to say top notch, but… I think “toppest notch” is more fitting.

It just gets better and better. I love it all.

Amazing! I loved all of the time lapses! The riding was creative and awesome too!

Best flip to late 180 ever Raph, nice. Like Elias’s roll at 3:26. I like all of your crankgrabs Raph. Cool vid, film and edit was awesome as always.

AMAZING! you guys are so creative. loved the combo at 3:25. had to watch that a few times.

Great job, you guys just keep pushing the limits not only in riding but in editing and filming as well! amazing. job well done.

Wow! Just, wow! Best video I’ve seen in a long time. Awesome.

if you used a 550d, how did you get such long time lapses?

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Why shoudln’t i get such long timelapses with the 550d?

did you use the video function for the timelapse or did you take a picture every second or so?

i did it with pictures :wink:

awesome. looks like you guys had a lot of fun! i want a DSLR that does HD video…

awesome :slight_smile: what timer did you use?

Wow. I think I’m in love with you all :stuck_out_tongue: That was a seriously epic video!!!

loved it.

at 3:00 lorenz is in normal speed and the rest is speed up… howd you do that? :OOOOOO thats really impressive imo :slight_smile: never seen it before

WOAH! Dude that was so sick, you have some serious skill, all of you. Keep it up!