Go custom or go KH?(for trials/street)

I have a K1 golden devil, and i think it’s time for a little upgrade. I was thinking about K1 135 cranks, cheapest magnesium pedals i can buy (from mUDC), a KH frame and a K1 reinforced trials rim. But when i calculated the cost i was shocked! It was 300 Euros! I mean i could get a brand new KH for that kind of money!
So there you have it. another “Is KH better than custom” thread. Yes, i used the search funcion and NO, i didn’t find the answer.

A KH uni costs 399€ :


So I say, get that costum one, then you have a special uni and the same strength like KH, cause the Koxx One cranks have the same strenght now.


I think that apart from the weak seatbase and alloy seatpost the new KH20 is perfect. So I sold my Koxx Devil (which was pretty good, but I wanted shorter cranks and the not-ISIS stuff pissed me off) and bought the KH20. With a CF-seatbase, CrMo-seatpost and my pedals of choice it just can’t get any better! :slight_smile:

P.S. For the unique look I just did a little pimping (orange Koxx clamp, orange flames, red Fusion cover).

Well, the thing is, the price in my opinion is almost equal, because add shipping and the parts will cost maybe 350 Euro, and i can get the KH for that much, because i know the local unicycle dealer. Maybe one advantage is that if i buy the “custom” part, i will have my dream trials uni, which could be easily transformed into a street/ flat mashine. But i could always go for the KH and have 2 unis :wink:
P.S. yes, the ISIS part is really disturbing, because if Koxx 1 would read this forum, find out about the ISIS part (i mean the non ISIS part, damn, this is hard :D)and change so that Koxx ISIS was truely ISIS, a lot of people would be really dissapointed. And pissed for paying a bundle for something that’s defective.

I say go KH…I started witha Custom Trials and through improving it ive basically ended up with a KH with a CF seat base and pedals of my choice…Just go KH and upgrade the seatbase and post.

Do whatever you want. :slight_smile: Like Niko said KH is good, but it’ll need bit upgrade like CrMo seatpost, pedals of your choise and Monty Eagle Claw. Then it’s nearly perfect. I ordered Custom street uni and get the best but still quite cheap parts so price was around 375 € + sending costs. ISIS cranks are nice and maybe I’ll get 2008 or 2009 KH cranks. That KH frame is amazingly light. :astonished:

I recommend custom unicycle, but get just new frame so weight is almost 200 grams lighter. And price is about 120 € so it wont be too expensive.
Edit: Maybe KH seat and magnesium pedals too. That rim is expensive, so I don’t recommend to buy it (if your rim isn’t broken)

Yeah, the rim isn’t necesary, but it may be later on. I don’t need a KH seat, i trimmed my K1 seat. All you guys recommend a CF base 4 my seat and i know it’s a must if i want 2 go custom.
I have made up my mind. I will definetly go custom, because if i don’t buy the unnecesary rim and not so important cranks, i will get my custom cheaper.
So i decided that the best buy for a trials unicycle which isn’t a KH is a KH frame, KH CF seat base, Chr-mo seatpost and to top it of magnesium pedals.

One thing for me to consider was that buying a complete KH allowed me to easily sell my old Koxx (easier than selling individual parts).

Apart from that your upgrades sound really good. Changing the cranks might make sense for street, as both the KH and the K1 street cranks are much nicer to stand on (compared to the standard K1 cranks).

I don’t consider myself a “street rider”, so those upgrades will come later on. I wanted the 135’s because they have lots of space to put your feet on to. I wanted to try flatland, because it looks cooler and safer than street.
Right now this custom one wheel thingy will be used for trials only. Lots of urban trials and some natural if i’ll find any spots :wink:
Oh, another question: Is a one bolt seatclamp good for trials? I know it is lighter, but is one bolt enough? or should i just get that PIMPIN’ PINK(!) Koxx One 2 bolt seatclamp?

2 bolt no question, and yeah CF seatbases rock

I didn’t want to make a new thread, so here goes:
I was wondering if i should get magnesium pedals or Jim C’s. I’m going to use them mostly for trials, but i will add a wee bit of street-ish riding just for the fun of it. not too much street, keep that in mind.