"Go coasting"


This is my first video shot with a go pro.
good viewing :slight_smile:


Very impressive! Incredibly long coast, you made it look really easy!

Wow!! :astonished:

Do you know how relaxing i found this whole video!

That was a great coast and honestly i’ve watched it 3 times so far…

Time to watch it again :smiley:

Really long :smiley: :astonished:

How long was it in real time? Was that a UPD (it’s so mild I can’t really tell)?

That looked great. Im jealous, I have been working on my coast for a while and it still sucks.

wow how is that possible! nice!
but actually i wanna see it in normal speed, to see how fast you go, looks like it was a downhill?

+1! Yeah it would be cool to see the full-speed clip :smiley:

65 revs?!? haha thats amazing. does the stick make it easier? or just an extra adjustment to get used to…

Thank you for your comments :slight_smile:
Yes it is slightly downhill and the stick you just get used
Here’s the clip at normal speed


and it still is a sick coast, respect