Gnarly Chafing!

Ok guys, I have been riding pretty consistently for the past 2 weeks and I cant seem to get the chafing under control, I have tried using riding shorts and some non chafing liquid stuff and after around 2-3 miles the chafing sets in. I rode 9.5 miles the other night and my crotch felt like it was going to burn off. I have some mountain riding shorts, and I tried wearing no underwear underneath them and it worked ok for a while but it still chafed pretty bad. What works for you guys? any product links you can refer me to or any tips that work for you?:smiley: I ride a Torker Unistar LX 26 inch. I am thinking it might be the seat that is getting me because it probably is not meant for longer rides like I am doing. Any seat recommendations?

I use a red Nimbus Gel saddle because the top is a one piece construction, so there are no angular seams along the top sides to rub against my thighs. I have the saddle set all the way back, which lowers the front slightly and reduces pressure there.

I usually wear tight briefs and an athletic supporter minus the cup to keep the fish and veg up out of the way. I have a pair of padded cycle shorts over that and something with pockets as the outer layer.

I have no chafing issues, but my longest ride is only 7 miles road on a 29, or 8 miles muni on a 24 so far.

Sadly I hate to say it but it takes a while for your legs to get used to it for the most part. Best advice is to use high quality riding shorts with some JO lube on the seat and on your legs. Also get a saddle that you are comfortable with. A majority of riders that go LONG distance use a small saddle, like KH street saddle. I personally prefer a couch to sit on so I use the Freeride foam.

As jacob suggested the KH fusion Freeride saddle is like sitting on a couch… a extremely lovely saddle.

2 points:

1 - Jeans are terrible for causing skin irritation…

2 - Manscaping… hair is not an athletes friend…