glucosomine in liquid form or pill form


Anyone know if taking glucosomine in liquid form is better or worse than taking it in a pill form?

I was thinking the liquid form has a quicker uptake, but not over time as a pill might have.

Anyone so enlightened?

I have been taking a liquid form of glucosomine with chondroitin, MSM with colagen for several weeks.


Hey Rod,

If you noticed any benefit at all, the liquid must be better than the $40.00 per bottle pills I tried. I noticed nothing. But Knox gelatin mixed in with Jello and a lot of pedaling seems to help more than anything I’ve tried (which is about everything).

Hi Rod,

Had a quick look through Medline and Cochrane Library:


Says that most of the studies were done with Rotta preparation (?) Presumably that’s a company that makes Glucosamine. Also skimming through some of the abstracts of randomised controlled trials on Medline; most studies seem to use a dose of 1500mg daily. Not sure if they are taking tablet or liquid form (although I suspect it is probably the tablet form). That’s not to say that one is more effective than the other. You would need to find a study that compared liquid vs tablet form.

I started taking Glucosamine Sulfate Tabs last week (so hopefully I won’t get osteoarthritis of my ankle after busting it- see my avatar).

If I get time I’ll try and hunt for some of these articles.

Ken :slight_smile:

I prefer to self-medicate with Placebo™. It seems that Placebo™ tests just about as good as any drug that it goes up against in all kinds of studies. It must be the wonder drug!

I am using the airborn form of Placebo™ myself. As the ads say, my results vary.