im looking for good glovs t keep geting blisters on my hand so i decided i need gloves but witch ones should i get im short on money so they need to be cheap


sixsixone COMP are nice gloves and cheap :slight_smile:

661 COMPS are really nice i got a pair recently go for them :slight_smile:

if you werent short on cash, id sugest a pair of Sombrio Cartel’s. but at 70$, not cheap

i have a pair of 661 Nasty SE, i love em. Theyve gotten a little ripped up with normal stuff, but thats just the top/sides of fingers in one or two spots. The palm/fingers are still in great shape. The palm/finger fabric is made of this super thing, EXTREMELY tough fabric. I havent ripped it yet, and ive put those things through 7 levels of hell.

i got some dirtbike gloves for like $18 and i love em. no writst protection but awesome abrassion resistence.

If you’ve got some extra cash, the KH’s are great. Haven’t had them rip and the wrist protection has saved me countless times.

the KHs are great… the little plastic thingy that supports your wrist will break pretty fast… mine broke like 3 weeks after i got them but still they have much wrist protection i allways wear them and they’re great