Gloves/wrist guards

For anyone who used to run the old Harbingers (no longer made), these are worth a look if you like a plastic “break bar” in the glove (I do). They might be better than the Harbingers. Also come in a half finger model, my preference.

I suspect the new KH gloves are also good, perhaps the best of the lot, but I have yet to see them.

I suspect the new KH gloves are also good, perhaps the best of the lot, but I have yet to see them.

You have seen them, that’s what I wear. Not near as wrist protective as those goat things. Only a small rib on back of wrist and gel on the palm.
When do I get to see yesterday’s photos?

If you want advice on the new KH gloves, I can give you some.
They are high qaulity, thiner then the older and so flexible but strong and protective at the same time.
They don’t get to hot and look a lot beter then the red KH gloves.


I feel I need the protection from impact and trail-rash, not a brace like these and most wrist braces, including the KH gloves.

I wear the Rollerblade 3D 07. I got them at a surf/rollerblade/snowboard shop, I can’t find a store on the web other than this that sells them, and I can’t seem to add them to a cart. They are cooler than traditional guards, and I don’t have to take off my watch.

I like to wear them over a light-weight full fingered women’s goatskin gardening glove (a size large fit perfectly, normally I’m a medium) similar to these, but the back on mine was nylon (cooler). I got them at the hardware store for $5.

KH gloves - thumbs up

Another vote for the KH Gloves. Very nice. I wish there was a sizing chart as the XL size fits me perfectly and I don’t own anything else that is XL…

I got mine from Bedford Unicycles. Less expensive than buying from UDC.


Hey champ these look awesome. I’m very keen on them. At the moment I put my bike gloves on and strap the wrist guards over the top which is a pain in the arse.
Thanks for sharing:)

The KH gloves don’t have a splint on the palm side of the glove, as the Harbinger (sp?) gloves do. Why not? that seems to be the part of the hand that has first contact with the ground if you fall farward onto your hands.

Obviously I’m missing somwthing obvious, as KH is designed for unicyclists.

I don’t know about the new KH gloves but with the old ones you could put a splint in their if you wanted. I have a splint in my KH gloves and they work wonderfully, the only problem is they are cold as hell during the winter, something those hillbilly ones look like they wouldn’t have a problem with, being goatskin and all.

KH gloves and cold weather

I wore my new KH gloves for the first time today in 25 degree weather. Even though they are vented on the top, my hands stayed warm enough.

I was previously wearing poly gloves with wrist guards over the top.

The KH gloves are a huge improvement. It provided a lot more flexibility than the glove/wristguard combo.

The first pair I ordered were defective though…the index finger on one glove was noticably longer than the other, so my finger pressed up against the inside tip of the glove. Hopefully that was an isolated incident.

I would prefer the palm surface to be sick, like my wristguards as they slide over the pavement rather than digging in. Perhaps I can fabricate something.

The palm currently has gel padding inside a velcro closed pocket.


My concern is that I’m still a rock climber, currently on a Muni break, and I don’t want to bust up my wrists so I’ve got to have the splint. I ride a lot on rocky terrain and the splints on my Harbingers (gone through like six pairs in the last few years) are totally gouged and scarred and beat up. If I could fit a splint inside the KH gloves I’d gladly do so and give Kris the business. But I gotta have that splint.


I stupidly rode on Sunday without wrist protection–normally I wear (old) KH gloves or Triple-8 (much sturdier, w/ splints on both sides)–and fell going uphill over a waterbar. This was probably in the first quarter mile of the ride. I hit my left palm hard, and it stung, but I didn’t think much of it. But it bruised and stayed tender, plus had a little grating feel when I moved it, so I went in and had it examined yesterday. The x-ray showed a hairline fracture to my pisiform bone. :frowning: So I’m doing the whole RICE thing, and regretting my decision to go ahead and ride without protection. I’m blaming it all on my son, actually, because he suggested we go for a bike ride the day before, so I had my bike gloves stuck in my helmet instead of my muni ones when I grabbed my gear to go for the muni ride!

But I’m giving up the KH gloves anyway–I don’t think they would’ve made enough difference in the fall to have avoided the injury. It’s gotta have splints!

Sorry to bump this old thread, but …

Just ordered a new set of wrist guards from Pro-Designed, Inc. They custom-size them for you, so I was able to measure while wearing a pair of MTB gloves. I haven’t been able to get a normal set that would fit over my gloves before, and my Triple-8 ones are falling apart. The Pro-Designed are currently half price at their website, too ($25), so it seems a good deal. We’ll see. They look heavy duty, with a big-ass splint in them.

Thanks for the information. I was wondering what I would do when my Harbingers wearout. I like the wrist support.