Gloves to buy?

Hey guys, I was just wondering what gloves i should get next, after wearing a considerable hole in my old pair of 661’s, i really love, i own a pair of nytrates, which aparently they dont sell anymore. Please post some links to some good gloves, no kh pulse or anything, im not looking for wrist support at all, just something so i dont cut my hands up on my bolt bracket on my saddle, preferably black or yellow if you can, thanks!


You could check either a local bike shop or a motorcycle store to see what they have.

Ironclad gloves, available at your local hardware stores.

Fox Digit i wear them an love them.

oh, and just make sure that when you buy gloves you get full finger. Way more protection, and fewer funny tan lines :slight_smile:

I always just use my motocross gloves. Come to think of it, I don’t wear gloves anymore, my hands are used to it now:)

P.S., If you want some free gloves tell me what size and pay shipping (if I have them)

i ride with these there cheap but really nice i like mine alot

Women’s goatskin gardening gloves ($8 at my hardware store, my roommate found them for $2 at the Dollar Store). Cheap, really comfortable, cool on hot days (esp since mine are white), and keeps my hands from freezing on really cold nights. My only gripe is there is no wrist closure, so sometimes they feel like they are sliding off. I’ve thought of trying to make one.

I haven’t found a mens glove I like for less than $20.