Gloves for trials-all the time?

I went out for a short ride this morning to ride on some downed telephone poles. The temp was cool at @ 60 degrees :astonished: . My hands were chapped, so I put on my x-country skiing gloves under my harbingers.

I “played” for about 30 minutes and heated up and then decided to remove the gloves.

I started back after a short break and found that riding felt all awkward and I didn’t feel as connected to the MUni. It was really strange. Despite the heat they produce I dawned them once again. My edge came back. The grip to the seat just felt stronger. I guess that’s why some football receivers wear gloves.

Made me think that I might want to wear gloves all the time, but in Southern California, the summers get over 100. So, I started to wonder if there are any riders that ride with gloves all the time.

Anyone out there ride trials with gloves all the time? If so, I will take recommendations. The heat issue and wear and tear is a big issue for me.
I also need to fit them under my Harbingers. I’ve already tried the Kh Pulse gloves, but I felt they didn’t offer enough wrist protection with the wrap support, so I would need full fingered gloves that fit under the Harbingers.


I wear full fingered 661 gloves all the time for muni and trials. For safety and for grip. They are vented for summer and you get used to them.

I don’t do trials, but when I ride MUni or cross country, I always wear wrist protectors.

I once had a high speed spill on my Coker and peeled the palms of my gloves back as far as the wrists. That was what prompted me to buy wrist guards.

You get more feedback if your finger tips are in direct contact with the seat front/handle. You get more protection if your palms have a big wodge of plastic between them and the road.

i wore gloves all the time before i lost my right glove =(
i used some fox gloves. i think they are called raptors or something. but now that i lost one i dont where the other one anymore. thats what christmas presents are for… right?

I wear a bright yellow full body condom at all times when riding trials. That helps me to blend in.

Actually, I always use gloves riding MUni or trials because I blister my hands otherwise. We are cursed with no real summer in the Pacific Northwest so it doesn’t ever really get hot (or, not hot like your bikini clad uni by the pool.) So in the summer I pay with warm, sweaty hands but am spared the blisters. The real killer anywhere is the leg armor.

I wear some sort of hand/wrist protection on every single ride. For about 95% of those rides, it’s the full-fingered KH Pulse gloves. I especially like them for trials, because with half-fingered gloves I tend to get cut up on my fingers from the handle-pulling when I hop. The front edge of my velo handle is a bit scuffed up, and grates after a while.

The only time I don’t wear the KHs is when I know I’m going to be taking a bunch of pictures. Then I’ll wear my half-fingered Harbinger wrist-wrap gloves. These give more wrist protection than the KH gloves, but with fingers free I can manipulate the controls on my camera without having to remove the right glove. The downside of the Harbingers is that the hard plate across the palm can get in the way when handle-grabbing.

Here in Brisbane summers get over 100 degrees fahrenheit at times while always being very humid. I always wear gloves when riding and the heat doesn’t bother me at all. I feel much more confident and comfortable with them on. To me, they’re more important than a helmet, which I also (usually ;)) wear. All of my gloves have worn out quickly, but you can continue wearing them for quite a while after they’ve developed holes. I think there are 4 or 5 pairs lying around the house…I can rarely find a match though.


Re: Gloves for trials-all the time?

I wear half-fingered Harbinger wrist protectors during any MUni. I
don’t even know how much grip I have without them. Heat? Doing MUni in
the summer I run hot anyways.

On Sat, 10 Dec 2005 19:40:06 -0600, harper wrote:

>We are cursed with no real summer in the Pacific
>Northwest so it doesn’t ever really get hot (or, not hot like your
>bikini clad uni by the pool.)

I’ll take the bait. How did you make ‘that’ photo then?

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“erectile function trumps public image - David Stone, commenting on the importance of seat comfort”

I ride trail, and I always wear full-fingered gloves. It’s now getting colder outside, so that’s part of the reason. Another part of it is that the front handle of my seat has roughened up quite a bit from being dropped a lot, and gloves fix that. Another aspect is that when you fall, you WILL fall on your hands. One hand - gravel encounter without gloves was enough for me to almost glue the gloves to my hands…

Re: Gloves for trials-all the time?

On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 02:38:30 -0600, Erant wrote:

>I ride trail

Just to be sure, do you mean “trials”? (I think you do.)

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“erectile function trumps public image - David Stone, commenting on the importance of seat comfort”

Whoops, my mind sometimes works too fast for my fingers, which then consequently manage to change words or entire sentences… This can (and sometimes does) create embarrassing situations.